The meaning behind my first tattoo

Ever since I acquired my first tattoo it has been a conversation starter. No matter if I’m at an airport, working out at the gym or just shopping at the store, people feel no shame in asking, “what does your ankle say?” Some have asked if it says MEN, and from some angles it may look like that. But those who are fellow fans, recognize it right way, the trademark backward E says it all.
So this then leads to the next question of, “why do you have EMINEM written on your ankle, in big block letters?” I never give people a straight answer to the query. But I’m sure most do earnestly want to know the motivation behind permanently inking one’s body.
So you want to know why? Well here’s my story.
Summer of 2002, I was on a road trip from Lincoln Nebraska to Denver Colorado, my sister drove most of the way. At the time, she was really into Eminem. That’s right, a six hour drive… most of which was spent listening to Eminem. So there you go, right? I was brainwashed into liking him on that road trip. Not quite. That was my introduction to him. It was the return drive that spurred the catalyst which led to the tattoo.
I was going… eh 75mph or so, on I-80, I’m sure many of you have been on it. Anyone who has been through Nebraska knows of I-80. And… POP, back tire blew on my little SUV. It was just me at this point in the road trip. Being a young 19-year-old driver, I felt it best to slam on the brakes once I noticed the steering was unresponsive. It was my fatal error, the car rolled four times, once in the air, my bystanders informed me. I landed upright and facing the opposite direction, still seated, thanks to my seat belt. I suffered only a few broken bones.
I healed of course, after some time. But driving was never the same for me after that. I couldn’t go over 25mph without feeling the sensation of rolling. Turns were nightmares. And driving on I-80, forget about it. I would grip that steering wheel until my hands ached, my palms sweating, I was a mess. I had to concentrate or my speed would slowly decrease… it just wasn’t going to work out. It was starting to appear as if I would never drive outside of a city again.
And then I remembered Eminem. I don’t recall all the details, but I bought some of his CDs and I quickly learned that his songs affected me differently than other music. Normally I use music as background noise. I don’t really listen to every word of it. But with Eminem, he was telling stories and you had to concentrate to catch every word. Listening to a song that required this high degree of focus… was distracting. And a distraction was just what I needed.
Putting on one of his albums allowed me just enough of a distraction that I was able to finally reach speeds which didn’t send the cars behind me into a flurry of honking. Shortly after, I got the tattoo. It was my way of saying thanks. Getting over my phobia of driving would have taken much longer if I hadn’t had his music to listen too.
To this day, if I need to clear my head. I’ll put on one of his albums. It’s not background music and never will be. Which is why, if I’m with you and one of his songs comes on the radio. I might ask you change the channel. Cause it’s really hard for me to listen to what you are saying, or what anyone is saying, when his songs are on. Or you can just hush up until the song is over.


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