Lone Survivor, seen in theaters

I’ve heard nothing but good reviews for this movie. But in general people, especially Americans, are prone to praising “war movies”. Sitting in the theater I couldn’t help but think I was watching the next generation of “war movies”. The theater was mostly full of older veterans, and there was no shortage of older gentlemen giving out a comment or two during the movie.
The debate will be never ending as to how much is actually “true”. Yes, it was based on a true event, but we all know that term can be used very loosely. And considering only one guy survived, we are all at the mercy of his interpretation of the events.
My only complaint was the graphicness of all the horror. I almost felt this movie should be labeled more as a slasher horror than a war movie. But the reason behind it tied into the plot, so although it left me squirming for a good portion of the movie, they made it work. It wasn’t pointless beatings and gore just for the point of more gore.
I had anticipated being more emotionally moved by the movie. This was what everyone told me I would encounter. Perhaps it was the gore that forced me to start shutting down emotionally. But I found myself quite detached by the end… I was told I’d start crying when the photos started rolling with the credits. Instead I was mapping out an escape plan to exit the theater before all the retirees blocked me.
So would I suggest going to see it? Yes, it was a good movie. But go with an empty stomach and expect to see a lot of blood. This movie leaves nothing to the imagination.


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