On Facebook, clicking ‘like’ can help scammers

Who isn’t annoyed by all those photos being shared on facebook that threaten you with bad luck if you don’t click share? Or if you don’t share this, you must hate God or your Mother? For all those who need some facts to support why you shouldn’t share those pages read the CNN article below.


Excerpt from article:

“Like farming” on Facebook takes advantage of users’ good intentions to make posts go viral
Making a page more popular with likes and shares makes it show up for more users
Owners can then use the popular page to advertise, or sell it to someone else
Often, images and videos are used without permission of their owners

“Those waves of saccharin-sweet posts that sometimes fill your news feed may seem harmless. But all too often, they’re being used for nefarious purposes. At best, a complete stranger may be using the photos to stroke their own ego. At worst, experts say, scammers and spammers are using Facebook, often against the site’s rules, to make some easy cash.”


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