“The Great Gatsby” 2013 version, seen on DVD

I hadn’t intended to watch “The Great Gatsby”. The trailers I saw really didn’t make it seem like the kind of movie I would enjoy. But when a friend said it was good and loaned me the DVD, I decided to give it a try.
The first ten minutes went about as I’d expected, and I was barely paying attention to the movie. But then, once the narrator of the movie started writing his memoir—I was hooked. The movie was still very flashy, and exaggerated. But since it was being told from a specific person’s perspective, the skewed view was acceptable.
Not only did I end up liking the movie, but, I was able to overcome my mindset that I was not going to like it. Usually when I think I won’t like a movie, I am not proven wrong. Overall the movie was very well told, and I would recommend seeing it. Don’t let all the “flash” mislead you into thinking the movie is cliché. The plot is very good, and if you pay enough attention, you’ll even learn a little history! And yes, the movie did seem to stay very true to the book, if you were curious.


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