Movie Review for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

Ever since the Marvel movies started the endeavor of interlinking different movies together, I have been impressed at the seamlessness of it all. I’ve even gone so far as to re-watch all of the movies before I go see the new edition. No joke. But as more and more Marvel movies come out, and now there’s even a television series… the task of keeping up with it all took more effort than I was willing to give.
I’ve seen a few minutes of the television show, here and there, but didn’t find the motivation to watch it. Right there, I knew I was going to be at a disadvantage watching the new Captain America movie. But I still went, because the first one impressed me. And even if you don’t catch all the tie ins that the diehard fans do, you can usually still enjoy the movie.
But, for me, this movie focused too much on explaining a very complicated and twist filled conspiracy. I liked the heartwarming moments, the little side puns, even though some were a little cliché, the actors still did a good job delivering them. But so much effort was put into explaining the big conspiracy, that I found myself bored with it all. I’m all for a good “thinking” movie, with an unpredictable ending. But not when its hashed together with elaborate fight scenes. I felt like the whole movie was overthought, like the directors put too much effort into EVERYTHING. We were supposed to be trying to solve the mystery, but we weren’t given the tools to do so, and instead had to wait for the long banter filled scenes to come and explain it to us.
Don’t get me wrong, the movie wasn’t bad. For what it is, it was a good movie. Nothing near the first Captain America, or Iron Man, but it’s still worth seeing. I did see it in 3D and I liked how some of the scenes were shot from angles that amplified the 3D effect. It wasn’t your typical, throwing things at you, like most do. It was much more artful and subtle.
So yes, I’d say go see it. Especially if you like action scenes, because there are plenty of those. But if you get bored… don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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