“Noah” 2014, movie review

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the movie, “Noah.” I was unsure exactly what to expect when I went to view the movie, but after seeing two flops in a row, both of which had gotten good reviews, I figured I’d just have to see for myself. And I am happy to report, I am glad I did. “Noah” is, in my opinion, the best movie that has come out in 2014, thus far, that I have seen.
The plot starts off with action right from the start, the actors are amazing, the effects are good, although you can tell the animals are mostly CGI. I did not see it in 3D, but I imagine it would be good. The characters are so well defined that you will find yourself cheering and crying right along with them. Especially if you are an animal lover, expect to shed some tears. Noah, is very kickass, not your normal crazy prophecy guy, nor is he a saint. He was “humanized” which made the movie all the more real.
Yes, there is a science fiction element to the movie, but quite frankly, the bible has miracles that if put in a realistic environment, take on a magical or science fiction aspect. So to me, it was an acceptable interpretation.
There is a consistent level of suspense that will keep you engaged. You think you know how the story of Noah ends, but as you start watching this movie you realize, you don’t. It is a movie about survival, and you don’t know who will survive.
So yes, I highly recommend seeing “Noah”. Just go with an open mind. If the story stuck exactly to the bible story, we’d all be bored because it would be predictable. So just go and enjoy it, don’t ruin it for yourself by comparing it to other versions. Give it a chance, and you will be amazed, I promise.


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