“Insurgent” book review (Divergent sequel)

I read “Insurgent” directly after “Divergent” and one compliment I have is that the books do flow together nicely. But that also means that a lot of the problems I had with the first book, flowed into this second.
I still wish they would have invented some healing potion to make people heal quicker. Since people tend to get injured but then be okay a few hours or days later. But unlike every other injury, apparently bullet wounds take MONTHS to heal. Tris has a gunshot wound throughout the book and it is a constant hindrance to her. She suffers other injuries and bounces right back, but not from the gunshot. And it gets ANNOYING. It keeps getting brought up over and over… awkwardly interrupting the story line each time.
There’s a few other things that get mentioned so often its annoying; like how Four is always bending over and exposing the small of his back. Please, just get a shirt that fits you.
A lot of characters are introduced, mostly so they can get killed off. And there are a lot of pointless scenes that lead nowhere. There are little lovers quarrels between Four and Tris, that never feel natural. I keep wanting to feel something when they are fighting, usually that is the easiest emotion for you to get a reader to feel. But no… it never happens. Even at the end when Tris big time betrays Four and you think, this is going to be bad. There is all this build up, and it fizzles into nothing, he forgives her and all is well.
The story continues to go back and forth about the whether is divergent rare or not. And in the end, I guess its not. So then Tris is given a little “extra” so she can continue to be special. In the first book she was special because we all think she’s the only divergent. But now, I’d say one out of three people are divergent. (I guess everyone but her was good at keeping it a secret) So now she is divergent but in three factions, everyone else is only divergent in two factions.
Oh, and of course, because the “Twilight” books made this so popular, Tris is suicidal for most of this book. Totally putting herself in danger because she has no regard for her life. It made sense in the story, kinda, but it was so similar that I felt I was reading the “Twilight” books for a few chapters.
I was able to get some amusement out of book one, but I was just annoyed while reading book two. And it’s a hundred pages longer than the first one. So yeah… I don’t suggest reading it. Even if you read the first, don’t bother with the second. It’s just about a girl who is afraid to shoot a gun and keeps betraying her boyfriend. Yet… everyone rallys around her and forgives her.

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