Allegiant (Diverent 3) book review

The first book in the Divergent trilogy was so bad, it was entertaining. The second continued the trend and became annoying, hence my expectations were low for the third book. Now there’s a chance my brain just adapted to her writing, since I read all three books in a three day span. But, to me, Veronica Roth found her stride in Allegiant. This book is actually well written. It’s just sad that one has to suffer through two bad books to finally get to the good one.

Now when I say it’s good, I am only talking about the style of writing. The plot still has problems, there are things being repeated and contradicted. Again, most won’t notice unless you are like me and read them all consecutively and in a three day span. For example, in book two Tris is taken captive, she says she forgot to wear her watch. But then in book 3, she says they took her watch from her. A small thing, yes, but still… And I wouldn’t have even noticed it if I hadn’t been so annoyed in book 2 by her lame excuse of forgetting it. I’d thought at the time, that it would have made more sense for them to take it or for it to have accidently gotten broken. Guess the author decided that too, but by changing it she is now creating a whole new problem.

The book did take on a very strange “Truman Show” feeling, when it’s discovered that the entire town is covered in surveillance cameras that are being monitored constantly. I don’t know why this has become so popular, but at least it made sense in “Hunger Games”. I find it hard to believe that people were living completely unaware of the cameras in their homes. It just made everything very strange, maybe if the cameras had only been in public areas, more like what we have today. And not in private areas, it would have been more believable and would have gotten the same result needed for the plot.

The couple’s quarrels between Tris and Four are better in book 3, but they still seem to fall short. They could have been more heated and I saw opportunities where more drama could have been added but it felt like the author was still shying away from wanting to venture into any uncomfortable areas.

There were some added things, like some of the characters were hinted at as being homosexual, but there was really no point for it. All it did was distract me from the story. People’s sexual orientations played nothing into the story, so why bring it up?

What ruined this book for me was the politics of it all. I’ve never been a fan of books focused on conspiracy, corrupt governments, uprising, ect, and that is really what this book was about. And it was majorly overdone. I don’t know if the goal was to make some comparisons to the real world and open our eyes to how corrupt all government is or not. But it definitely felt like it. It was not done in a subtle way at all.

So some spoilers, turns out the world Tris lives in is all an experiment. People were genetically altered, and now have behavior problems. Hence why they were put into factions, to try to help them cope. Once they start being divergent, this means they are “healed” and can become be part of the regular world. The whole purpose of the experiment is to keep people alive until they are able to evolve and start producing “healed” or “divergent” offspring. So now, all the people we thought were sick are actually the healthy ones. It’s an interesting twist in power between the main characters.
Now I like this twist, the only problem I had with it is, if the goal was to create these divergent people. Why did the people who set up the experiment not set it up in a way that people who were divergent got rewarded instead of oppressed? This seems like a simple solution and I don’t know why we are supposed to believe that no one in the book realized this. No explanation was given, like even a, “we tried this in a different city and it didn’t work,” would have helped me believe it.

So there has been a lot of controversy regarding the ending of this book. The fans of course, did not like how Tris ends up dying. I dislike the ending, because it’s so unbelievable. Basically a few people manage to erase the memory of those running the compound that controls the experiment. Now I’m sorry, but if this were to happen, I would think there would be a bunch of government officials showing up to contain the situation. I don’t think the rebels would actually have the time to reset everyone’s memories and train them to believe what they want. Why would the government not show up and be like, hey these people are messing with you? So to me the ending is pure fantasy.

Now as for Tris’ death, it was actually the first time I felt any emotion while reading these books. How Tris experienced her death feels very real, and then the mourning that Four goes through, also something that is told very well. Like I said, this book is very well written. So yes, it sucks the main character dies, but I was okay with it, because it finally made me FEEL something.

All I can say is, if you made it through the first two books, you should read this one. But is it worth reading the other two to get to this one? No, not at all. Hopefully Veronica Roth keeps writing, because based off this book, I think her next novel will be vastly better and I’ll look forward to reading it. Hopefully she learns her lesson and simplifies her plots though.


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