“Heaven is for Real” movie review

“Heaven is for Real” delivers exactly what you would expect. A review isn’t really needed, if you’ve seen a trailer for the movie, you know what the movie is about. I have not read the book, so I cannot say if the movie stayed true to it.

The movie was slightly slow in the beginning but that was okay with me because I was the edge of my seat waiting for the “near death” experience to happen. Everything is so calm that you don’t know when the tragedy will strike. The audience is not left waiting for long and then things unroll much like you’d expect. A lot of the scenes are very emotional, the actors do a great job, especially the children.

If you want to go see an emotional and inspiring movie about faith and religion, this is the movie to go see. Although it will most likely make you cry, it will also leave you with that warm fuzzy feeling by the end. Let’s just say, at the end of the movie, the entire audience applauded.


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