“The Other Woman” movie review

To me, comedy’s come down to one question. Are all the good jokes already exposed in the movie trailer? Or are there more? Well, “The Other Woman” hits this cliché on the mark. Yes, all the good jokes are in the trailer. Watch the trailer, and you’ll hear the good jokes, learn the plot and save yourself from the boring two hours of fluff.
The worst part of this movie was that they would present a good joke. But then the scene would just keep going… it was funny for the first five seconds, but did we really need three minutes of the actresses playing in the bushes? Or Cameron Diaz hiding in the other girl’s wedding skirt? This trend started within the first five minutes of the movie and continued to the end. It was like when a guy tells a funny joke, everyone laughs, but then the guy keeps talking about the joke… and it just gets lame. That’s this movie.
The ending is just atrociously cliché; the cheating husband gets so messed up, its unbelievable and stupid. They went too far, for a few minutes I thought I was watching a horror movie. Then everyone else gets a cheery happy ending. Of course.
Now what I did notice was the people laughing in the theater where all over forty-five. So I’m guessing that is the target audience for this movie. Personally, I would have thought it was bitter women who have been cheated on and have no soul…
This movie is not a heartwarming comedy like “Bridemaids” and “The Heat”. I thought it would be, but no… so if you’re over forty-five. Go see it, cause apparently you’ll laugh a lot. Otherwise, I stand by my previous statement, just watch the trailer and call it good. Men who might be wanting to go for the eye candy… don’t. The nudity is minimal, and the boring women drama will put you to sleep, long before you reach the few cleavage exposed scenes. No joke, I saw men sleeping in the theater.


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