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X-men: Days of Future Past, movie review

I was pleasantly surprised to find this movie went beyond my expectations. The dialog was very witty and original. The dynamics between the characters worked well with each other. There were a few moments where the fight scenes were a little… overly extravagant. But that is to be expected when seeing a superhero movie.

There were several nostalgic moments as we revisited the 1970s. A few people in the audience actually clapped when a clip of the original Star Trek was shown on a television.

The comic books fans will be delighted at how many X-men are featured in this movie. Those who do not follow the comics will be left wondering who some of the characters are, not all are given names. But lacking such info won’t ruin the movie for you.

There is a clip after the credits. If you are a follower of the comics, I’d suggest staying to watch it. If you are not… you can skip it. There’s no context given and the clip will be meaningless to you, unless you are well versed in the marvel world.

Overall, I’d say yes. Go see it. This movie was a step above the last few Wolverine movies. And it had an atmosphere reminiscent to the original X-men movie.

2014 Godzilla movie review

Is the new Godzilla movie good or bad? Well, it’s all a matter of what you are looking for. This movie goes back to the roots of monster movies. You only get peaks of the monster and most of the fright is found in the suspenseful build up. I think it was a beautifully artful way to convey the movie. In an age where the technology to create a monster is abundant, we as an audience can grow dull to it. But only giving us glimpses, leaves us yearning for more!

Yes, many people left the theater saying they were upset at how infrequent Godzilla was shown in the film. But there are plenty of other movies you can go see that will be action packed. This movie was going for something more. Yes, I looked forward to the Godzilla scenes, but I didn’t find them so limited that I was irritated. It kept the movie real. Because let’s face it, if you were there, witnessing the event unfold, what you saw in the movie would be about what you’d see in real life. And that, I believe, was the point, to make you feel like you are there with the characters, experiencing the devastation firsthand.

My complaint would be the acting of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, playing Ford. I don’t care how stone faced you are, not everyone can pull off the emotionless Vin Diesel role. Taylor-Johnson fell flat, his scenes boring. Every time he came on scene I was jarringly slapped with the reality of “I’m just watching a movie”.

The monsters were given just enough background and explanation to be believable, if you pay attention. If you already saw the movie and feel you missed some of the science, go here: They sum up the history of the monsters quite well. Don’t read it unless you’ve already seen the movie though, there are spoilers.

I did enjoy how Godzilla and the main character, Ford, form a bond as they both suffer similar experiences in the battle. I don’t think they really bonded, but it is entirely plausible for Ford to think they did. As humans, we like to think we are not alone in our struggles and I think seeing Godzilla refuse to give up, gave Ford the courage to do likewise.

In the end, go see it. Don’t overthink the science/logic in the movie, just accept it. And don’t go expecting to see two hours of monster fights, expect to see a movie with plot and heart. Well, except for Taylor-Johnson… but maybe you’ll find his character more acceptable than I did.

“We’re the Millers” movie review

“We’re the Millers” was a surprisingly delightful movie. The jokes were original and there was just enough plot to keep the story moving without slowing it down. And although the jokes hinted at “going too far” they never did. Sometimes when I’m watching these comedies, I get sick of all the sexual jokes. But this movie managed to keep it light and funny.

The only unbelievable part of the film, was how good Jennifer Aniston looks in it. I am impressed, whether she was coated in makeup or not, she did look good.

I would highly recommend seeing this movie. It will appeal to almost anyone. You might be like me and thinking the plot doesn’t sound all that original, which is why I didn’t see it in theaters. But I was proven wrong, only minutes into the film. And it helps that the characters all have believable flaws that make them relatable. These are well thought out three dimensional characters. Not something you usually see in a comedy.

So what are you waiting for? Go rent it! Or better yet, go buy it, yup. It’s that good. And if you’ve been reading my reviews, you know nine out of ten movies I see I recommend against or at least caveat with a, see it but be forewarned. Not this time. If you want some laughs. This is the movie to see.

“Seeking a friend for the End of the World” movie review

I haven’t been interested in any new releases so I thought I’d check out the movies playing on HBO. I came across this movie and thought I’d give it a try, since it does have some big stars in it. Watching it, I found it hard to figure out what kind of movie this was supposed to be. Most reviewers have said it was a romance, but I think it was more just a drama with some flecks of humor.
The best scenes are the ones where people are going about their day to day activities, pretending the world isn’t ending. The scenes beyond that, just leave you wondering exactly what point the plot is trying to make. So basically the humor works great. But the plot is… a flop.
There was also more than one moment where the logistics of the movie left me in disbelief. How were they charging the electric car? Or does a charge on one of those really last for days? Did they really expect a tiny airplane to fly from America to England? Maybe those things are possible and I’m just naive, but the fact I was wondering about it, probably means they should have added in an explanation. One knows it wouldn’t have slowed the story down. Cause the plot was already moving at a very sluggish pace. More than once I had to take a break from the movie because I was getting restless.
So would I suggest the movie? Well, if you have some free time and access to the movie, sure, it’s good for some laughs. But the movie does have boring stretches. Which makes it hard to appeal to the crowd it’s trying to attract. People who like comedies aren’t going to want to sit through all the backstory. And people who like romances… aren’t going to like the fact there ISN’T any romance. The two people are literally falling for each other, almost forcing themselves to do it, because the world is ending and they don’t have anyone else. Sure there are touching moments, but these two people could have picked anyone on the street and had the same result.

“Man of Steel” Movie review

When “Man of Steel” came out last year, it was not on my list of movies to see. I’d already seen plenty of superman adaptations and I didn’t feel like giving another one a try. But then, everyone who saw the movie surprised me by saying they liked it. So when I saw it on HBO I decided to watch it.
I’ll start by saying it was not as good as people led me to believe. However it was also not what I was expecting. It did not feel like another marvel movie, or superman remake. It was more of an end of the world, alien invasion movie. It had the potential to be good, it really did. But the story was told in a very broken way, the flashback scenes made the story disjointed and in the end, I don’t think the background story needed to be told.
What really got me riled up was Lois. I was literally shouting at my television with some of the things they did with her. She’s a random person that suddenly became all super important. I kind of got it, she discovered Superman, and the government wanted to get info from her. But then, Superman suddenly loves her, for no reason, she did nothing to make him like her. And then the aliens were all demanding to get her, again, no real reason for them to want her. (they can collect the same info from her that they can from Superman himself, and they do.) And then the humans are all protective of her, and it’s like, whoa, this chick is suddenly more important than anyone else in the whole world. More time should have been spent explaining to me why she was important and giving her more of a relationship with Superman, since that played out to be so big in the story. Instead it felt more like, they just said, “she’s important and he loves her, audience please accept that and let’s get back to the action.”
Secondary characters were put in positions that made me think I was supposed to care if they died. But again, they weren’t developed enough and I found myself just annoyed at having to watch their struggle. Kill them or don’t kill them, I don’t care, get back to the main storyline please.
In the end, I’ll give it a so-so rating. If you can watch it for free, like I did, go for it. Otherwise don’t waste your time. Unless you are big into alien invasion movies, in which case, you’ll love it.

Mission trip

Who doesn’t get a smile on their face when they see the youth of America working toward a better future? My second cousins are doing just this! So if you are feeling giving, feel free to donate some funds toward their upcoming mission trip to Eleuthera, Bahamas. They are going in Jul/Aug of this year, and will be staying at the one and only high school located in the Bahamas.

All funds received will go to travel expenses for Tabitha and Natalie for their trip to Eleuthera Bahamas. They will be working to provide christian programs for children and renovate some of the run down school buildings. Anyone who donates will also be added to their facebook page to keep up with the latest news about the trip. Click on the link below for details.


Tab & Nat’s Mission Trip to Eleuthera