“Man of Steel” Movie review

When “Man of Steel” came out last year, it was not on my list of movies to see. I’d already seen plenty of superman adaptations and I didn’t feel like giving another one a try. But then, everyone who saw the movie surprised me by saying they liked it. So when I saw it on HBO I decided to watch it.
I’ll start by saying it was not as good as people led me to believe. However it was also not what I was expecting. It did not feel like another marvel movie, or superman remake. It was more of an end of the world, alien invasion movie. It had the potential to be good, it really did. But the story was told in a very broken way, the flashback scenes made the story disjointed and in the end, I don’t think the background story needed to be told.
What really got me riled up was Lois. I was literally shouting at my television with some of the things they did with her. She’s a random person that suddenly became all super important. I kind of got it, she discovered Superman, and the government wanted to get info from her. But then, Superman suddenly loves her, for no reason, she did nothing to make him like her. And then the aliens were all demanding to get her, again, no real reason for them to want her. (they can collect the same info from her that they can from Superman himself, and they do.) And then the humans are all protective of her, and it’s like, whoa, this chick is suddenly more important than anyone else in the whole world. More time should have been spent explaining to me why she was important and giving her more of a relationship with Superman, since that played out to be so big in the story. Instead it felt more like, they just said, “she’s important and he loves her, audience please accept that and let’s get back to the action.”
Secondary characters were put in positions that made me think I was supposed to care if they died. But again, they weren’t developed enough and I found myself just annoyed at having to watch their struggle. Kill them or don’t kill them, I don’t care, get back to the main storyline please.
In the end, I’ll give it a so-so rating. If you can watch it for free, like I did, go for it. Otherwise don’t waste your time. Unless you are big into alien invasion movies, in which case, you’ll love it.


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