“Seeking a friend for the End of the World” movie review

I haven’t been interested in any new releases so I thought I’d check out the movies playing on HBO. I came across this movie and thought I’d give it a try, since it does have some big stars in it. Watching it, I found it hard to figure out what kind of movie this was supposed to be. Most reviewers have said it was a romance, but I think it was more just a drama with some flecks of humor.
The best scenes are the ones where people are going about their day to day activities, pretending the world isn’t ending. The scenes beyond that, just leave you wondering exactly what point the plot is trying to make. So basically the humor works great. But the plot is… a flop.
There was also more than one moment where the logistics of the movie left me in disbelief. How were they charging the electric car? Or does a charge on one of those really last for days? Did they really expect a tiny airplane to fly from America to England? Maybe those things are possible and I’m just naive, but the fact I was wondering about it, probably means they should have added in an explanation. One knows it wouldn’t have slowed the story down. Cause the plot was already moving at a very sluggish pace. More than once I had to take a break from the movie because I was getting restless.
So would I suggest the movie? Well, if you have some free time and access to the movie, sure, it’s good for some laughs. But the movie does have boring stretches. Which makes it hard to appeal to the crowd it’s trying to attract. People who like comedies aren’t going to want to sit through all the backstory. And people who like romances… aren’t going to like the fact there ISN’T any romance. The two people are literally falling for each other, almost forcing themselves to do it, because the world is ending and they don’t have anyone else. Sure there are touching moments, but these two people could have picked anyone on the street and had the same result.


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