2014 Godzilla movie review

Is the new Godzilla movie good or bad? Well, it’s all a matter of what you are looking for. This movie goes back to the roots of monster movies. You only get peaks of the monster and most of the fright is found in the suspenseful build up. I think it was a beautifully artful way to convey the movie. In an age where the technology to create a monster is abundant, we as an audience can grow dull to it. But only giving us glimpses, leaves us yearning for more!

Yes, many people left the theater saying they were upset at how infrequent Godzilla was shown in the film. But there are plenty of other movies you can go see that will be action packed. This movie was going for something more. Yes, I looked forward to the Godzilla scenes, but I didn’t find them so limited that I was irritated. It kept the movie real. Because let’s face it, if you were there, witnessing the event unfold, what you saw in the movie would be about what you’d see in real life. And that, I believe, was the point, to make you feel like you are there with the characters, experiencing the devastation firsthand.

My complaint would be the acting of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, playing Ford. I don’t care how stone faced you are, not everyone can pull off the emotionless Vin Diesel role. Taylor-Johnson fell flat, his scenes boring. Every time he came on scene I was jarringly slapped with the reality of “I’m just watching a movie”.

The monsters were given just enough background and explanation to be believable, if you pay attention. If you already saw the movie and feel you missed some of the science, go here: http://godzilla.wikia.com/wiki/M.U.T.O. They sum up the history of the monsters quite well. Don’t read it unless you’ve already seen the movie though, there are spoilers.

I did enjoy how Godzilla and the main character, Ford, form a bond as they both suffer similar experiences in the battle. I don’t think they really bonded, but it is entirely plausible for Ford to think they did. As humans, we like to think we are not alone in our struggles and I think seeing Godzilla refuse to give up, gave Ford the courage to do likewise.

In the end, go see it. Don’t overthink the science/logic in the movie, just accept it. And don’t go expecting to see two hours of monster fights, expect to see a movie with plot and heart. Well, except for Taylor-Johnson… but maybe you’ll find his character more acceptable than I did.


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