X-men: Days of Future Past, movie review

I was pleasantly surprised to find this movie went beyond my expectations. The dialog was very witty and original. The dynamics between the characters worked well with each other. There were a few moments where the fight scenes were a little… overly extravagant. But that is to be expected when seeing a superhero movie.

There were several nostalgic moments as we revisited the 1970s. A few people in the audience actually clapped when a clip of the original Star Trek was shown on a television.

The comic books fans will be delighted at how many X-men are featured in this movie. Those who do not follow the comics will be left wondering who some of the characters are, not all are given names. But lacking such info won’t ruin the movie for you.

There is a clip after the credits. If you are a follower of the comics, I’d suggest staying to watch it. If you are not… you can skip it. There’s no context given and the clip will be meaningless to you, unless you are well versed in the marvel world.

Overall, I’d say yes. Go see it. This movie was a step above the last few Wolverine movies. And it had an atmosphere reminiscent to the original X-men movie.


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