“Twilight” movie and book review

I decided to finally give the “Twilight” Saga books a try. After years of hearing about how good they are and after having read books that I’m told are based on them, fan-fiction rewrites, ect. I cracked open “Twilight” and was… well quite surprised.
The novel is very well written. Even keeping in mind that this was the author’s debut novel, there wasn’t much left to improve upon. Divergent, Hunger Games, Fifty Shades of Gray, all books that to me, appeal to the same audience, (granted Fifty took it to the X level) were written sloppily in comparison.
The movie took on a whole new level of meaning for me after I read the book. Scenes that before seemed pointless were now more clearly understood. Characters were more defined and their actions made more sense. The sparkling in the sunlight thing, was still a bit off, but whatever, I get that she was trying to do a “oh shiny” dumbstruck attraction thing.
I did struggle a little with the supernatural aspects of the book. I felt like the powers she was giving people were not believable and to some degree, unnecessary. But Stephanie Meyer did a good job of making the world realistic and believable, by putting in things that we can all relate too. For example, I could tell Meyer has lived in Phoenix and probably somewhere where it rained a lot, and snowed, because she is so graphic at describing it. Unless you’ve lived in a desert, you would never think to comment that the green is what’s wrong in the environment. But as someone who lived for several years in Arizona, I know exactly what she is talking about. I can only hope that the parts of her book that take place in other countries, prove to be as equally believable. When an author writes about a place she has never actually been… you can usually tell. And so far, I feel like Meyer has been to the places her characters have.
And Edward… his personality is not like that in the movie. I can’t believe people didn’t complain more about this. I always thought he was stone cold/serious. But in the book he seems more lighthearted. Almost mean, cause he’s always laughing at people’s expense, even Bella. So he’s kind of a jerk… which is probably why they changed his character up for the movie. Cause… he would have come across as quite an A-hole. In the book it works okay, cause you have Bella’s internal monologue telling you how smitten she is, so you go along with it. Very few of us probably stop to think, no… wait, that’s kind of jerkish and creepy. And even if we do realize this, we also have to the face the fact that Edward can “dazzle” whoever he wants because he’s a predator made to lure in his victims. So even if Bella didn’t want to like him, she kinda has too.
Overall I’d say if you’ve been avoiding the Twilight books because of some bias, like me, who simply didn’t want to read a book that crazed teens drool over. Get over it and give the books a try. Yes, the vampires are different than what we are used too, but it makes the story more original. You will appreciate the movies more, the books are def more put together than the movie. I would say… the movies were wrote for people who had read the books.
This really isn’t a love story… not when you start looking at the details. It’s really about a deadly predator that forces all his victims (humans) to helplessly fall in love with him and one day he decides to “play” with his food instead of eating it because… well maybe he’s bored or something. But it’s still a good read.


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