“Breaking Dawn” Movie and Book Review

When I first started reading “Breaking Dawn” I was surprised at how the movie and book… didn’t match up. I was an hour into the movie and only 1/8 into the book, but I was at the same location story wise in both. This worried me that eventually there would be a large portion of book not included in the movie. Strangely, the opposite proved true. The movie had additional scenes that the book did not! This didn’t change the meaning or story at all.
I completely understand why the scenes, two action scenes plus a more elaborate wedding, were added. A movie needs some fight scenes. And the book… deprives of you that. So the action scene at the end of “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” was a much “cooler” way to convey the message of Jacob imprinting on the baby, than how the book just says, it happened and now we are all buddy-buddy with the wolves. Same for the action scene at the end of “Part 2”. The book was kind of a letdown, all talk and no action, if you will. It was a very tense few chapters and you end up feeling disappointed rather than relieved when they resolve things peacefully. Really? All that build up for NOTHING? So I am glad they decided to put in an action scene in the movie.
The book did come full circle. If you’ve read my first review of “Twilight” you’ll see how I believe Bella had no choice but to love Edward. As a predator, he is made to lure people in, people feel drawn and attracted to him. The child Edward and Bella have, take it to a whole new level. She is almost like a siren. EVERYONE loves her; if her super good looks and adorable childlike face don’t win you over, she’ll just touch your face, and mentally make you love her. The book doesn’t say this, but if you think about it, it’s what she’s doing. Did you notice, not a single person can NOT like her?
This brings us to poor Jacob. I get that we are supposed to think that Jacob and Nessie are destined to be together. But… I can’t help but think that little Nessie the siren, would have triggered the imprinting instinct on the first wolf she met. It’s about survival, have you noticed everything about her, promotes her ability to survive? She was doing it from conception, making Bella refuse to give her up, and Bella super suffered for that kid. It would make sense if the kid was working her mojo from inside the womb, since she started working it on everyone else, as soon as she was able. So anyway, imprinting on Jacob, pretty sure Nessie forced that on Jacob so the wolves would be on her side.
It felt wrong how so many of Jacob’s people were turning into Werewolves because there were so many vampires in the area. And they didn’t get to kill a single one. The story didn’t make me feel like it was bad guys (vampires) turning good. And I didn’t feel excited or glad that they (vampires/werewolves) were working together. To me, it was a clever twisted way for the bad guys to make the good guys impotent. Vampires eat people, the Werewolves are supposed to hunt and kill the vampires. This movie; makes it so the Vampires are back on top of the food chain now.
There’s no good morals to be found here. Not in my opinion. As magical as everything is, we could have tried to make all the Vampires into “vegetarians” ie “animal eaters” or something. So the ending of the story wasn’t a complete loss. Instead all the murderous vampires go on their merry way. And we are left with this super awesome siren who makes people love her, prevents werewolves from hunting vampires and, oh yeah, she likes human blood too. GREAT. Happy ending? Not if you ask me.
So… do I recommend this book? No. I struggled through “Eclipse” hoping “Breaking Dawn” would make up for it. But it didn’t. Think about it this way, the two movies that span this book are each 2 hours long and they added in about 30 minutes of material that wasn’t in this book. Everything that was in the book, made it into the movie. So… yeah, the 192,196 word count, 775 page novel… is full of lots of pointless talk and internal thoughts. Cause the entire huge ass book, fit easily into a three and half hour movie. A book that long… shouldn’t have; it should have been six hours at least.


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