I’m a member on a writing forum and I heard about this GISHWHES thing. I did the research and it seems legit.

Basically, Supernatural Star Misha Collins runs this charity GISHWHES Scavenger Hunt every year. The winner gets to go sailing with him on a pirate ship or something.

This year, item 78 is: Get a previously published Sci-Fi author to write an original story (140 words max) about Misha, the Queen of England and an Elopus. -Annie Houston 59 POINTS

This has upset the Sci-Fi author community quite a bit. Because very famous authors are getting spammed like crazy. This article sums it up quite well. The Mary

I think there’s only a few days left in the event. But I’m willing to write up a few short stories for the cause. Of course if I get spammed by hundreds of requests… its not gonna happen. So… we’ll see.


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