“Blackbirds” by chuck wendig, book review

This book’s amazing book trailer is what first caught my attention. You can view it here. Blackbirds trailer

The trailer prepares you quite well for what you’ll be reading. The language is quite vulgar throughout the book. Everyone in the book is rude and unpleasant. The characters do have a lot of personality though. And they are all quite believable. For some, it might be hard to like them though, even the main character.

The story is intertwined with the past and present. And sadly, neither story is told in its entirety. Which means, one will need to read the next book in the series if they want all the answers. As of now, there are three out, with no set limit to be seen.

You can take the above comments as positives or negatives. The writing was good enough, although some of the metaphors seemed odd. And there were times where I couldn’t tell if I just didn’t understand the book or if there was a typo/mistake.

In the end it all boiled down to believability. I need to believe in the world the author has created. The supernatural aspect, although convenient, was believable enough for me. Sadly, it was the plot that the author messed up on. They tried to save face by having a character state, what we are all thinking, “this doesn’t make sense.” But it still fell short. Sometimes that trick of having a character point it out, just isn’t enough to make the audience believe it’s okay.

Basically you have a girl who, when she touches someone, she sees how they will die. This only happens the first time she touches them. After that, its whatever, hence the convenient part. Now this other kid basically stalks her down and forces her, through manipulation, to find him a rich guy who is going to die soon, so they can rob him after he croaks. Not super believable, but good enough. But then comes the plot twist. This kid has stolen a suitcase full of meth and the drug dealers are out to get him and do what evil drug dealers do best.

Ah, what? What the F*&$ is he messing around with small time stuff like pick pocketing a dead guy, if he has a suitcase full of meth? Even the girl says this to him and his reply is, “I don’t know how to sell it.” Um, yeah, so your decision was to stalk her and pretend you don’t have it? Makes no sense. There is no logical reason for him to have decided to stalk her while he has this suitcase. Its obvious the author needed some bad guys to chase his main character, so he came up with this plot in an afterthought.

The bad guys are made to be too evil, so they are practically monsters. And everything is just very convenient. The author has talent and has created some unique characters. I really do enjoy the style of writing he has. But… the story felt like it needed to be flushed out a bit more.

Would I suggest reading it? Sure. So long as you don’t mind the foul language and ignoring the above mentioned plot weaknesses, go for it. As for me, I haven’t decided if I want to read to the others in this series.


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