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Tusk, movie review

Most of you have probably not heard of this movie.

A man is kidnapped and surgically turned into… get this—a walrus. That’s right, no joke. And the kicker… he accomplishes this goal will flying colors. In fact, if you see the movie, you’ll find he’s done this several times.

The banter between the characters makes for a comedy of pure genius. The plot is absurd and it never lets up. Throw aside logic and reason—just sit back and enjoy the ride, the movie won’t disappoint.

The movie does take some cues from the grotesque “The Human Centipede” movie. (You might recall South Park doing a parody of it.) But this movie focuses more on the absurdity of it all and less on gross factors.

Think “Sean of the Dead” only this one is taking a comedic twist on what could happen if a madman kidnaps you.

It does have a happy ending, sort of. Let’s just say, there are quite a few plot twists at the end. I’d recommend it, but I’ll admit, it’s not for everyone.

Oh and it does have a few very popular actors in it, pay attention and you’ll recognize Johnny Depp!

If I stay, movie review

When I saw the movie trailer for “If I stay” it was a must see. I was thinking more, ghost trapped unable to go back in her body, and less, flash blacks. But it still turned out okay. So yes, the movie is one giant puzzle of flashbacks.

You have an emotional event –boom– car crash. Then flashback, then emotional event in the present, flashback, and so forth. And each flashback is usually a heavy hitter on the emotions too. So basically, you will be crying the entire movie. Happy stuff, sad stuff, triumphs, tragedy, for some reason it all makes you want to cry.

The acting is what really makes this movie. The actors are all very relatable. If they are happy, you feel happy, if they are sad, you are sad. It’s amazing. And from what my amateur eye could tell, they found real musicians to play the roles. To me, that’s even more impressive: great actors who can do more than just act.

The ending of the movie is a bit, abrupt. And from what little I read, the book is much the same. If you are looking for good tearjerker of a movie, then this is the one for you.

Cormorant, by Chuck Wendig, book review

After reading the third book in the Mariam Black series, I feel like the second book was just a filler. This book, book 3, ties into book 1 quite nicely. A character from the first book is brought back and all the loose ends are finally tied up. Yes, I’m annoyed I had to read three books and that middle book really was a waste of time, but at least I finally have some answers. If I was advising someone to read these books, I’d tell them skip book 2.

And the writing… drum roll please, has finally improved. No big, weird, bang my head against the walls, paragraphs that confuse me. The writing is professionally done and edited. I would give the writer a big old A++ but… he did spell the country Colombia as Columbia. So he still has some learning to do.

Majority of the book takes place in Florida, and I can tell the author has been there. Another high five, good job writing about a place you’ve been instead of guessing, like I’ve seen some authors do.

The story does have a lot going on. There’s about three, maybe more, timelines going on. By that I mean, you read about ten years ago, then a week ago, then today, then a year ago, and repeat in no particular order. I was able to read this book, and the other two, in about a week, (with a busted foot I had nothing better to do) so the jumping around in the story was easy for me to follow. Now if I was like most people and only reading a little each day, the story would easily get confusing.

There will be another Mariam Black book. But thankfully, all the plot holes were tied up nicely in book 3. Will I read book 4? I wouldn’t mind reading it, but since its not out yet and I somewhat suck at paying attention to release dates… probably not.

Mockingbird, by Chuck Wendig

Reading the second book in the Mariam Black series helped tie up some lose ends the first book left. Whether this was done on purpose or not, is unknown, but I’m leaning towards the latter on some cases.

Thankfully the author just comes out and tells me the answers to several of the questions I had from the first book. I learn how she miscarriages and the stupid “being attacked by a snow shovel” dreams, finally make sense. Those were not things that I should have been left guessing about, they should have been resolved in the first book, just say’n.

The foul mouth, excessive cusswords continue. And the plot is once again convenient. The supernatural aspects are taking a… well a turn that is making it hard for me to find it believable. The more the author tries to explain the power Mariam has and dissect it… well it’s like pulling on a thread, don’t do it cause it’s gonna fall apart!

The same flaws from the first book are evident in the second. In other words, the author made no improvements from one book to the next. Remember how I wasn’t sure if there were typos or if I was just confused? Well, reading a second of his books helped me conclude, that yes, they are typos. There were several times where a sentence repeated. Or a random fragment was present, just a few words in between sentences, no punctuation or capitalization. my mistake is That’s an example of what I’m talking about. Not sure how mistakes like that slip by in the editing process. But they were in this book and the first. So… yeah.

It’s still a good read though. The characters have very strong personalities and I love how the author describes people. It’s very original and filled with character. I will be reading his third book. And who knows, maybe he hired an editor for that one…

Into the Storm, movie review

One word summarizes this movie, entertaining. The plot is exactly what’d you expect. It’s a B movie, with mediocre acting, dialogue and plot. But the effects are decent and it makes for an entertaining movie.

If you are looking for a movie to watch, that won’t require you to use your brain, then this is the summer blockbuster for you! Go, sit, relax, and watch the tornados fall. I kinda wished there were some sharks… but eh, it was okay without. *smirk*