Cormorant, by Chuck Wendig, book review

After reading the third book in the Mariam Black series, I feel like the second book was just a filler. This book, book 3, ties into book 1 quite nicely. A character from the first book is brought back and all the loose ends are finally tied up. Yes, I’m annoyed I had to read three books and that middle book really was a waste of time, but at least I finally have some answers. If I was advising someone to read these books, I’d tell them skip book 2.

And the writing… drum roll please, has finally improved. No big, weird, bang my head against the walls, paragraphs that confuse me. The writing is professionally done and edited. I would give the writer a big old A++ but… he did spell the country Colombia as Columbia. So he still has some learning to do.

Majority of the book takes place in Florida, and I can tell the author has been there. Another high five, good job writing about a place you’ve been instead of guessing, like I’ve seen some authors do.

The story does have a lot going on. There’s about three, maybe more, timelines going on. By that I mean, you read about ten years ago, then a week ago, then today, then a year ago, and repeat in no particular order. I was able to read this book, and the other two, in about a week, (with a busted foot I had nothing better to do) so the jumping around in the story was easy for me to follow. Now if I was like most people and only reading a little each day, the story would easily get confusing.

There will be another Mariam Black book. But thankfully, all the plot holes were tied up nicely in book 3. Will I read book 4? I wouldn’t mind reading it, but since its not out yet and I somewhat suck at paying attention to release dates… probably not.

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