If I stay, movie review

When I saw the movie trailer for “If I stay” it was a must see. I was thinking more, ghost trapped unable to go back in her body, and less, flash blacks. But it still turned out okay. So yes, the movie is one giant puzzle of flashbacks.

You have an emotional event –boom– car crash. Then flashback, then emotional event in the present, flashback, and so forth. And each flashback is usually a heavy hitter on the emotions too. So basically, you will be crying the entire movie. Happy stuff, sad stuff, triumphs, tragedy, for some reason it all makes you want to cry.

The acting is what really makes this movie. The actors are all very relatable. If they are happy, you feel happy, if they are sad, you are sad. It’s amazing. And from what my amateur eye could tell, they found real musicians to play the roles. To me, that’s even more impressive: great actors who can do more than just act.

The ending of the movie is a bit, abrupt. And from what little I read, the book is much the same. If you are looking for good tearjerker of a movie, then this is the one for you.


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