Tusk, movie review

Most of you have probably not heard of this movie.

A man is kidnapped and surgically turned into… get this—a walrus. That’s right, no joke. And the kicker… he accomplishes this goal will flying colors. In fact, if you see the movie, you’ll find he’s done this several times.

The banter between the characters makes for a comedy of pure genius. The plot is absurd and it never lets up. Throw aside logic and reason—just sit back and enjoy the ride, the movie won’t disappoint.

The movie does take some cues from the grotesque “The Human Centipede” movie. (You might recall South Park doing a parody of it.) But this movie focuses more on the absurdity of it all and less on gross factors.

Think “Sean of the Dead” only this one is taking a comedic twist on what could happen if a madman kidnaps you.

It does have a happy ending, sort of. Let’s just say, there are quite a few plot twists at the end. I’d recommend it, but I’ll admit, it’s not for everyone.

Oh and it does have a few very popular actors in it, pay attention and you’ll recognize Johnny Depp!


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