The Equalizer, movie review

This movie does deliver what it promises. It is two hours long, but only a few scenes drag on a bit longer than needed. For the most part, the pace is well set.

I’ll admit I’d seen the trailer for this movie so many times, I had the dialogue and scenes memorized. So as the movie unfolded, I kept my eye out for those scenes, wondering how it would all link together. The story is actually slightly different than what the trailer leads you to believe. Or I just interpreted it wrong. Either way, the misdirection was good and kept me guessing.

There were a few scenes that were shot kind of strange, like a weird angled lingering view of the tattoos on the bad guy. It was excessive. All I can think is the director has a thing for tattoos.

The acting was great. And although not everything is fully explained regarding the background of the characters, you are given enough clues that you can make your own assumptions and feel satisfied. In other words, they don’t spoon fed you.

If you are looking for an action movie, this is the one to see. Yeah, some things are overdone and unbelievable, but it’s not overly excessive like most movies. The core of the movie is the plot and characters, not just action.


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