Casting Shadows Everywhere, book review

The first 80% of the book isn’t anything that spectacular. Story-wise at least. More than once I was wondering what my drive was supposed to be to keep me reading. Cause it was ready just this kid’s day to day ramblings and there was no lead up stuff telling me where the story planned to go.

But the writing style was good enough that I kept going. Its written in first person, but it hints at being second person. The story is literally being told to you. I’ve only seen this done in college level writing classes where you read examples written by the pros. So that alone was enough to keep me reading because these authors were doing the unthinkable, writing an entire book in the second person!! No one does that, especially when it’s their debut novel.

There was finally some action at the 80% mark. Like, blow your mind kind of stuff. My only complaint is, I wish I’d been given some hints that this was coming. Cause that is all this book is missing, I needed a better sense of where the story was going. Although, I did enjoy the shock value.

After that initial event, things kind of spiral into craziness. Then a dream sequence is told as if real and I got really confused cause the point of when the dream started was unclear. So I have no idea how much was real or not real. It’s never really explained.

It almost felt like the author backpedaled at the last minute and decided they didn’t want the book to be that dark. I dunno, the ending could have been wrapped up better in my opinion.

Overall, I would recommend the book as a read. There are a few education points in the story too, plus like I said before, its cool to read a book that successfully pulled off the second person narration.

Casting Shadows Everywhere, by L.T. Vargus and Tim McBain

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