Fate, by Amanda Hocking (My Blood Approves book #2) book review

Once again the books started a little “off”. I’m finding this is a common trend with this author. She struggles to get the story started. In a rather abrupt manner, the main character’s brother is deathly injured and they decide to turn him into a vampire. To me, this event could have been done in a better way. But whatever, the result of having him turn, instead of Alice (the main character) did create for an entertaining tale.

I would rate this book as better than the first. The tension between picking between the two men is constant. It’s the ultimate book for readers who enjoy a good love triangle.

Now the ending, well, it rather tied up everything nicely. I was almost disappointed. Because it means there won’t be much love triangle in the next book. Or if there is, it won’t be the same. It did seem rushed and more explanation would have been nice, but otherwise I enjoyed it.

I can’t say more, because the spoilers would give away too much. But yes, I’d recommend the book.


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