Birdman, movie review

It’s not hard to see that Birdman is a fill in for batman. Michael Keaton is obviously making some plays out of his real life. Although I hope he found his career more satisfying than the character in “Birdman” did.

About ten minutes into this movie, the unique cinematography hit me. The entire movie is filmed in one long shot. Like, no joke. There are no cuts, no scene breaks, it’s all filmed on one camera. And although this is a mobile camera, it’s not shaky like the ones some movies use. You don’t need to worry about getting motion sickness like you might have in other handheld movies like “The Blair Witch Project”. And it’s not filmed like a documentary, the camera man isn’t in the movie, he’s just giving you a god-view of what’s going on. It’s almost like you, the audience, is a fly on the wall, following various people around.

This makes the movie feel like a Broadway show. If someone screws up in the last scene, you have to start filming the whole movie again from the start. Other actors have to get in position and change wardrobe while someone else is on scene. Now, they may have found a few ways to cheat and perhaps the movie isn’t all one long shot. But it sure looked to me like it was, and you can bet most of it was.

It’s very creative, since the movie is about a prior movie star trying to put together a Broadway show. And the result is hilarious, several scenes will leave you in stitches. There are a few factors that will leave you scratching your head as well, the plot turns out to be very deep, if you are willing to pay attention and look for it.

Overall, I’d say go see it. It did feel more like a Redbox rental though, than a movie theater movie. I’d suspect this movie will be up for a few Golden Globe nominations. So it is worth seeing.



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