Into the woods, movie review

Yet another movie taking a new dark twist on the classic fairy tales we grew up with. You’d think we’d all be bored of the revisions on the same old stories. But alas no, because now, the stories are taking on a dark twist, almost being a horror, but not quite, and adding a splash of witty humor.

I have a hard time recommending this movie for kids. Cinderella’s stepsisters cut off part of their feet in an effort to fit in her shoe—they don’t show it but they make it clear what is happening. There’s some almost-adultery, and main characters are killed off-in again, near horror movie fashion.

This is darker than Maleficent was, like, I never thought I was watching a musical horror show when I was watching Maleficent.

But my disagreement with the PG rating aside, I enjoyed the movie. I really did. It was like a modern day Monty Python movie, with a focus on fairy tales. The characters were constantly making me laugh. If you can tolerate the singing, because there was a lot of singing, then I’d recommend the movie.

Everyone who was in the theater seemed to have a good time. Except those who had brought their young kids… yeah, there’s going to be some awkward questions for mom and pop later.

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