The Boy Next Door, movie review

From the start this movie seemed to have a formula in place and attempted to write some kind of story to make that formulaic plot make sense. Normally it’s something you see in Science Fiction, not… well whatever this was.

Cute boy moves in next door to a woman who is currently separated from her husband. They have a teenage son, fifteen-ish. The cute boy moves in to take care of his uncle who is getting a transplant. I missed the first few minutes, which would have given more background. But from what I gather the kid is at least eighteen, yet in high school.

Cute boy befriends the teenage son and uses him to manipulate the mother and father. He is obsessed with the mom, I think there are mommy issues going on, but it’s never made clear. Using various forms of manipulation and intimidation, he seduces the mom. Then he goes into super stalker mode.

The cute boy has bursts of anger, which start off as intriguing. But then at the end of the movie, it just spirals out of control. We go from watching a psychological thriller to an all-out horror complete with jabbing syringes into eyes. Yeah… a lot of us were squirming in our seats and saying, why, why did they go there? Why?

The actors did what they could with the script. But like I said, the movie felt like it was following a formula the entire time. I could mentally check each block as they used a scene to fulfill it. And then the end just went crazy.

If you like slow paced horror movies, then this one might be enjoyable. But you have to wait until the very end to get that slap-stick made for tv horror. Until then you have to find your enjoyment in staring at the gorgeous bodies of Ryan Guzman and Jennifer Lopez. That’s really the biggest appeal.


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