Whiplash, movie review

I was hesitant to watch this movie. The premise didn’t sound like the plot would be very entertaining. An abusive music teacher? Not much you can do with that, ya know?

So I skeptically sat down, expecting to be bored. And wow, was I not. I mean, the plot was pretty basic. But the drama, the hidden emotions and the characters, wow. Both main characters were troubled and had their problems. They seemed to feed off the energy of the other.

The plot didn’t go in the direction I was expecting. There was blood, car accidents, abuse, twists, and ultimately both characters got what they wanted. But in the most untraditional way.

The music is amazing, acting top notch, the dialogue exchange great. Now, this movie isn’t for everyone, there is a lot of blood, like borderline horror movie. But it happens, a ballerina or dancer will practice until their feet bleed, so why not a musician? It made sense to me.

The ending requires you to do a little thinking, but a lot of movies like to end in that manner, so the audience can draw their own conclusions.
Overall, I’d say this is a must see. So long as you can endure the blood and cussing. This not a movie to watch with the kids.

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