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This was another movie I was advised against seeing. A friend told me, “It’s boring!” Did I listen? Of course not. Should I have? Yes.

The movie is three hours long. And the entire movie teases you with events that might take a dramatic turn, but never do. Maybe I’m desensitized to things but when I’m introduced to an abusive alcoholic step-father, I’m expecting to see some black eyes. I want some blood, some terror. Maybe someone who ends up in the hospital. Instead, I get a man who barely is verbally abusive and breaks a few plates. Suddenly everyone in the movie acts like they think he is going to murder them. But I’m like, who hasn’t been around a person who gets like that? He isn’t doing anything that serious. He’s being a jerk sure, but it’s not “let’s call child services” worthy.

It’s like the director wanted to go there but then got scared and decided to play it safe. One step-dad drove drunk with the kids in the car, perfect set-up for something horrible to happen, right? Nope. Nothing happens. The sister is having sex at fifteen, oooh, maybe a teenage pregnancy, that’ll spice things up! Nope. Some kids do weed and underage drink, while doing this they mess around with a ninja star—oh so much potential for drama, right? Nope, nothing happens.

And so the movie goes. Most of us watching will be thinking, my life has more drama in it than that kid. Hence, why most of us find it boring. Yes, the filming of the movie over twelve years is very creative and I applaud the movie makers for pulling it off. But… couldn’t you have wrote a script that actually has some action in it? I mean, you had twelve years to think of something. I mean, not a single person even DIES in the movie. Couldn’t grandma croak or something?

If it hadn’t been three hours long, I might have been okay with the lack of action. But the awe of watching the characters age and grow up wears off after two hours of watching them do nothing.


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