A Million Ways to Die in the West, movie review

I normally don’t like Seth MacFarlane. Majority of his shows, mostly Family Guy, are quite grating on me and not to my taste. But… I had the opportunity to watch this movie and decided to give it a try.

I was delightfully surprised. The jokes, for the most part, were kept fairly clean. In other words, they didn’t revolve around sex, although one character is dating a prostitute.

There was a clear plot, which is amazing for MacFarlane, in my opinion. I actually found the story quite humorous and thought the plot was good. There were predictable parts but they were matched with surprises as well.

For a comedy, a genre I try to judge lightly, I would say it did a good job. If you are looking for laughs, the movie is worth seeing. Don’t let your bias against Seth MacFarlane deter you like it did me. This movie really is a gentler version of his normal humor.


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