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San Andreas, movie review

A quick way to sum this up would be, Sharknado, without the sharks. Ha, no, it’s a little better than that. But only kinda. It’s an action movie, and like most action movies, everything takes a back seat to the action, including the plot and acting.

It will entertain you, so long as you can turn the logic part of your brain off. I had a few moments where I was thinking, “Is that really what would happen?” So I would not suggest this movie if you are an engineer or scientist. I doubt they got most of the things right.

But if you are looking for a quaint action movie with a happy ending, then this should be on your to-see list.

Mad Max, original and 2015 comparison, plus review

I have no idea why this movie is labeled as a remake. The only thing this movie has in common with the original 1979 movie is the name and the fact there is a man named Max in them. No joke.

Yes, both have some car chases, if you could call what occurs in the new Mad Max movie a car chase. That’s debatable.

To sum it up, original Mad Max takes place in a world much like today. It’s about cops (one of which is Max) who are having trouble with a biker gang. Deaths occur on both sides and after Max’s wife and child are killed, he goes off on a vendetta and murders the entire gang.

The new movie. In a world unlike today, it’s very dystopian, in a desert, where most of the world is uninhabitable. We see visions that Max’s family is already dead. He’s a rogue, off on his own. He’s taken captive by a tribe and used as a “bloodbag” to keep a warrior alive. Majority of the movie is a long car chase, in very strange vehicles—one is a mobile stage where a live band performs. The reason for the chase is simple, the pregnant brides of the tribe leader are making a run for it, and of course the leader wants them back.

So comparison aside, would I suggest seeing the new movie? It’s not for everyone, I’ll say that right away. It’s for people who love action oriented movies. It has a plot, but it’s mostly all about the action. There’s a lot of gore too, bad language and very crude behavior. These folks do not have manners. If you want a movie where you will be cringing in revulsion—me and a stranger who were both alone glanced at each other at one point, shook our heads and mouthed “what the fuck?”— then this movie is for you.

Tomorrowland, movie review

This movie had it’s cute moments. It was a cool idea to have a ride at Disney World turn into a portal to tomorrowland. And the idea that the smart minds of the world were living in another place, making inventions, all very cool.

But this movie was all about the lead up. You keep watching because you want to find out what the deal is. What is the counting down timer? What is tomorrowland? An hour and half into the movie, I checked my watch to see how much time had passed because the movie was still in “lead up” mode and had yet to tell me what was going on. I was starting to wonder if this was a three hour movie.

It’s not. You just don’t get to understand what’s going on until the last fifteen minutes. And even then, it really doesn’t make much sense. A bunch of scientific jargon is thrown at you, which I doubt makes any sense, even to those who wrote the script, and it all comes down to one fundamental statement.

If someone tells you the exact day you are going to die. Do your actions then create that outcome? In other words, if you believe something is going to happen, do you then make it happen?

An entire movie based on that, results in tomorrowland. I think it would have been cooler if this had been more of a wizard of oz story. And less of a—there’s something weird going on but we aren’t going to explain it—story.

Should you see it? Meh, I would say no. There really wasn’t anything worthwhile in this movie. It’s kid friendly, but kids are likely to be bored. Yes, there is plot, but it is very weak.

The Scientific Method, book review (covers first five books in series)

The first book: Scientific Method

For me this book was highly original and delved into areas most would shy from. I think most can relate to the emotional roller coaster the main character, Will, felt. He’s not getting what he wants from sex, and he thinks he would enjoy it more if there was some pain involved. Thanks to his brother’s coaxing, he explores his desires. Who hasn’t wanted to try something that they think most would judge them for? If it isn’t normal, it’s wrong, right?

I think that’s why this book works. We can relate to Will. He is straight, but can’t afford a woman dom. So he ends up with a gay dom who is willing to whip him for a few hours, in exchange for yard work. Then Will starts to fall for his gay dom, which I think is natural, since he’s satisfying his dark needs.

The twist at the end of the book is, there is no happily ever after. They don’t end up as a couple. To me, this makes the book all the more real. How often does a sexual relationship end up in a happily ever after? Not often. Instead these characters grow and learn from each other, then move on.

Book 2: Hugh’s New Dude

An interesting direction for the books to go in. A threesome with only men? Have to say, this is a first, for me as a reader. It’s basically an idea branched from a man who is a prostitute of sorts, getting a steady boyfriend and slowly bringing his boyfriend in on the fun he has with his favorite client, who happens to be a man he has strong feelings for.

The book is a quick read. Under 30,000 words, which qualifies it as a novella. To me, it should be priced lower or combined with more books from the series.

Book 3: Unexpected Gifts

Now that Hugh has a steady boyfriend, it’s only natural for Will to get a steady girlfriend. A girlfriend who is okay with Will having sex with two men. I feel strongly that this book and book 2 should have been combined into one. I’m think the author split them up just to make more of a profit. Both were under 30,000 words.

Really nothing more to say about this book. It’s too short for much significance to happen. I’ll keep proceeding with the books for now, but really, I’m getting annoyed at how these are all split up.

Book 4: Take Three Breathes

The story seemed to stagnate at this level. It focuses on the depression one character feels after the death of someone they know. It might have held more punch if the person who died had actually been close the character. As it was, me as the reader was unable to relate to the situation and the characters just seemed to be over dramatic about it. But, maybe a more sensitive person would be able to relate better.

Book 5: Breaking Down

This book started off like it might be trying to make a point about sexual assault victims. But then it turned into the girl who was raped, actually making behavior changes that had nothing to do with her rape. She wanted to sleep with as many men as possible, and not date anyone. The rape might have been the trigger, but in the end, it’s just what she wanted. So, she breaks up with Will.

Yup, that’s the story. If you are reading the entire series and debating if you should skip any of them. This is one that could easily be skipped. Cause it’s really just a very long, drawn out break-up story between Molly and Will. There are some touching moments though and overall it was an okay read.

Scientific Method by Kris Ripper
Hugh’s New Dude by Kris Ripper
Unexpected Gifts by Kris Ripper
Take Three Breathes by Kris Ripper
Breaking Down by Kris Ripper

Dragon’s Don’t Love, book review

I actually discovered this book first, but decided to read book 1 in the series first. Sadly, the writing style deteriorated in this book. Almost to a cave-man type talk. Not sure if a new editor was hired or the characters were just being depicted as dummer than those in the first book. Either way, after reading the first book and going directly into this one, I had adjusted to the writing style and it wasn’t a problem.

My complaints from the first book follow over to this one. But thankfully the “earth realm” and characters from the other series by this author are mentioned much less in this book.

The story is even more original than in the first book. I loved the refreshing take on having a dragon take a virgin sacrifice, and the woman turns on the dragon and tries to kill him. The interaction between the two characters is priceless as it’s obvious she is incapable of harming the dragon, and his amused reaction to her attempts. I loved how instead of being upset at her, he embraces her attitude and teaches her to how to be a better warrior.

Again, as with the first book, I wish this story was more appropriate to children because I know it would be hugely popular. As it is, I can only recommend it to adults who enjoy reading about dragons and are interested in an erotica twist.

Dragons Don’t Love by D’Elen McClain

Dragons Don’t Cry, book review

I was skeptical of the high reviews this book has received. I discovered it on a blog and I’ll admit, I started reading it because I thought it would be good for a laugh –shape shifting dragons- hilarious. But, also tons of potential for a great tale.

I am happy to report the praise for this novel is accurate and deserved. This is an original twist on the classic tale of a dragon taking a virgin sacrifice. The writing style was a bit choppy, and get’s even more so in the second book in the series, but I managed to adapt to it and didn’t find it too distracting.

A quarter of the way into the novel it did take a weird twist where these human servants were introduced from Earth. From reading about the author, I believe this was done so she could include characters from her previous series into these books. To me, it didn’t fit and was very off putting. Both traveling to Earth for human servants and the casual mention of vampires and other shape shifters. But I’m sure this was an exciting addition to fans of those previous novels.

My only complaint is that this book is very X rated and I think a huge a fanbase could be found in the younger crowd. I know when I was twelve, I would have loved reading a book about dragons. If this book was more kid friendly, I could easily see it becoming as popular as Harry Potter. Instead this book is heavy on the romance, erotica side, and I that limits your audience.

So sadly I can’t recommend the book to as many people as I’d like. But if you enjoy eroticas and dragons, you will love this book. The positive reviews are correct, it’s a great read.

Dragon’s Don’t Cry, by D’Elen McClain

Ex Machina, movie review

The trailer doesn’t do this movie justice. Yes, you figure out that a man goes to a remote location to test whether or not a robot has achieved artificial intelligence. But what you don’t expect is the depth of the plot and the surprising twists at the end.
This is not your normal artificial intelligence movie. And it does not have a happy ending. Throughout the film there is a dark foreboding feeling. This is by all means, a horror movie.
It’s the interaction between the two main characters that make the movie as good as it is. I was chuckling often at the remarks made between them.
The plot is a little slow, but I was never bored. I’d recommend the movie to anyone who wants to see something different and is okay with a thriller kind of horror. It’s not a blood and guts horror. It’s a get in your mind and mess with you kind of horror.

Hot Pursuit, movie review

I was expecting something similar to “The Heat” and other comedies where the leading characters are two women. Such movies seem to be gaining in popularity. This movie did not disappoint. The humor was throughout the plot, jokes were plentiful and worry not, there are additional jokes beyond what you see in the movie trailers.

Yes, there are some crude jokes, some sexual content, but none of it goes into the “Anchor Man” level of perversity. If you’ve enjoyed other comedies centered around women, then you are likely to enjoy this, and I would highly recommend it. It has a story, great humor, and even a moral.

Off Balance, *book tour* and book review

For me, this book was a relaxing read. No supernatural aspects, some moderate drama, and very realistic characters and problems.
The story centers around ballerinas. One who suffered an injury at the high point of her career and now, some ten years later, is a successful business woman in the finance department of the ballerina company. The second main character is a woman who is just starting her ballerina career. These two people meet and lean upon each other for support. Trails are encountered by both, all of which are relatable to the average reader.
If you are looking for a well-written book about the ballerina world, this is the book to pick up. You’ll learn about the theater plays and the stresses the ballerinas endure through the eyes of two very flushed out characters that are easy to sympathize with.

Off Balance By Terez Mertes Rose

Going Home, by Kris Ripper, book review

Normally I read a book in one day, three days if it’s a long book. If it takes me longer than that, it usually means there’s something lacking in the story.

It took me six weeks to finish this book.

Quite frankly I’m surprised I kept at it. I read five other novels during these six weeks, lol.

I’m not sure why this novel was a slow read for me. I got it on kindle, so I can’t tell you how many pages it is. But I’m thinking it must be longer than your average novel. It’s also a novel that you have to “read”. You can’t speed read through it. I can’t tell you how many novels I speed read through cause it’s just full of fluff. Yeah, that’s right, I skip all that super descriptive stuff.

This book did not allow for such time savers.

Now you might be thinking this is leaning toward a negative review. But actually it was quite the opposite. Yes, I had to put in some extra time in order to finish the book, but it was worth it. That’s right, this book was worth taking my time and actually reading. Which is super rare these days with an internet spammed full of self-published novels.

The story parallels the slavery that America experienced with black people. Only in this world, the slaves have nothing to do with race. They are men and women, who were either born into this life, or opted for it over jail. And most are used as sex slaves.

America has abolished this slavery and we the reader are taken along on the ride to recovery, focusing on a male slave and male master who were in love and are now separated.

The story does not focus on the sex, although there is some. It’s focused on the emotional journey these characters take. Every character has a very distinct voice and is very believable. The amount of realism in this book is astounding to me.

The story does come full circle and has an ending with closure. I looked to see if there were more books in the series and was delighted to find there are. But the author is taking an untraditional approach to the sequels. The couple who traded off narrating the first book do not get the spotlight in the second book. Which has made me even more excited to read them, I am interested to see how the world is viewed from other characters in the novels.

I would mark this book as a must read for anyone who is willing to read a male/male romance. The messages and themes in this book are deeper than what you’ll find in your common erotica.