“Whisper of Crows” book review & synopsis *SPOILERS*

Never before have a read a book that flows like a horror movie. You know the kind, the B-rated slasher movie where characters are introduced, just so they can be horrifically slaughtered in the next scene. The movie where you know, only one, maybe none will be alive at the end of the film. There isn’t so much a plot as there is a thin baseline that links one graphic disaster of horror to the next. And then the plot that is there, some of it isn’t real… your character himself isn’t sure of what’s real and what isn’t. So is it supernatural? Or is the character just insane? Or a mix of both?

Imagine that movie in book form. And “Whisper of Crows” fills that billet to the letter.

This is one of those books that I kept reading because I wanted to know what was real and what wasn’t. I wanted to know if there were supernatural elements going on. Or if the character was just going insane. Normally at some point in the book this is made clear. Not in this one. Even at the very end, it isn’t clear what is real or what isn’t real. At least to me. I get that both movies and books do end that way, and it’s perfectly okay. But if you are like me and you like to have closure at the end of the story, then this book is not for you. You never get the real answers, you never find out what is real, I repeat, you never find out.

Maybe it’s a cliffhanger for the next book, but this book was wrote three years ago, so I’m not holding my breath.

Now, when I was reading this, I really-really wished there was a better synopsis out there. I wanted to know what this book was about. And no matter how much of it I read, I never felt I knew enough to provide me with the answer of “who should I recommend this book too?” So I’m not normally one for spoilers and giving away the entire plot of a book. But considering how badly I wanted one, when I was reading it, I have decided to provide one.


The first chapter, right off the bat, sets the tone readers should be aware, continues throughout the novel. A sixteen-year-old boy, our main character (MC) is in the woods, no idea why, but you catch on early that this is not the kind of book you want to ask “why” in. He stumbles upon a girl he knows, he’s grown up with her, they are friends, ect. And she’s having sex with her boyfriend. Okay, sure, teenagers do this kind of thing. MC get’s caught peeping. And the boyfriend and his other friends, who were apparently also watching or roaming the woods, must be popular with these folks, all jump the MC. They sodimize the MC with a stick, and literally leave him butt naked with a stick jammed up his rear. Yup. That happened.

The MC collects himself and heads home. On the way he encounters the group who attacked him. Their car is overturned. What does MC do? He pulls the girl out of the car, she is already dead. And then he lights the car on fire, killing anyone else who might still be alive. He then carries the dead girl with him to an abandoned house. The next day, dead girl is alive! But she has amnesia, so what does he do? Feeds her a bunch of lies and basically keeps her hostage in the house.

Various people find out about his dead girl as the plot goes. And she is dead. He’s just crazy. Another girl hits on our MC, they make out. Dead girl sees, who is not real, and MC freaks out. Add another girl to the dead girl list. MC is going back and forth between the abandoned house where he is keeping the bodies and his real home with his mom and step dad. Step Dad beats him, whips him bad and… butt rapes him. For no reason, it just happens. So what does MC do? Yup. Adds another corpse to his collection. But it’s all cool, cause that dead guy comes back too. So MC has three dead people now, that he’s not sure are dead or alive. Next… his mom dies. He may have killed her, or she killed herself, or one of the already dead people killed her. Who knows. My bet is the MC killed her. Since he HAS to be real, right?

So he finds him mom dead. And freaks out. He goes to a neighbor or the church pastor, I’m not sure which. And guess what? I mean, what does any old creep religious guy do in a book like this? Another butt rape. Oh yeah… I skipped ahead, so not sure if he killed that guy or not. But he did get a gun out of the ordeal.

Next the police finally figure out what’s been going on. The find all the dead bodies he’s been collecting and his dead mom. This is at about the halfway point in the book. The kid is put in the hospital and viewed as the victim. When he gets out, he finds a new hot chick waiting on his doorstep. He never has sex with her, the only sex is the butt rapes this guy keeps getting. But they bond, and when the police decide he did kill those people, she helps break him out of the asylum/jail that he is put in. I skipped the jail and asylum time chapters, I’m sure there was more butt rape and I’d had my fill.

So she breaks him out while they are transporting him to a new location. Two more inmates are freed at the same time. One, killed right off the bat. The other they keep with them. Another crazy guy to butt rape our MC, I mean, we have to keep those scenes going, right? Somehow our MC gets it in his head that the inmate is related to his step dad, and he tries to kill him. Then the dead step dad shows up. Utter craziness is exchanged between the characters and at this point I had no idea what was real. They were back in the abandoned house, MC lights it on fire, and the MC grapples with his step dad, they both end up falling into a big black hole in the ground. I think it’s symbolic of the butt hole raping. And in my opinion, the inmate they were with was probably raping him and the last few chapters were him hallucinating a different outcome. Or our MC murdered them all, or, this entire book was a giant daydream and our MC was still passed out in the woods after his first butt rape. No idea. Like I said, zero closure.

So if all that sounds like a good read to you, then go pick up this book!! I didn’t tell you everything. But this is what I wish someone had told me before I started reading it.


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