The Neighbors, movie review

This movie was so-so. It did have it’s funny moments, but it did weigh a little too heavy in the sex department for me. That kind of humor is a bit crude for me.

The traditional war between a noisy neighbor (the frat house) and the young couple with a baby, does take a few original twists and there might be a few hidden messages. The movie takes a lighthearted approach and seems like a common college-idiot-comedy at first. But at the end, one of them learns he should have spent more time studying and less partying. I liked that a moral was thrown in there.

But overall, the movie fell flat to me. The jokes and turf war going to extremes that were unbelievable and not at all plausible. I understand this is acceptable for comedies to do, in the search for a good laugh, but for me it ruined it.

If you are able to watch this for free or close to it, go ahead, it wasn’t bad. But I wouldn’t suggest seeking it out.


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