Going Home, by Kris Ripper, book review

Normally I read a book in one day, three days if it’s a long book. If it takes me longer than that, it usually means there’s something lacking in the story.

It took me six weeks to finish this book.

Quite frankly I’m surprised I kept at it. I read five other novels during these six weeks, lol.

I’m not sure why this novel was a slow read for me. I got it on kindle, so I can’t tell you how many pages it is. But I’m thinking it must be longer than your average novel. It’s also a novel that you have to “read”. You can’t speed read through it. I can’t tell you how many novels I speed read through cause it’s just full of fluff. Yeah, that’s right, I skip all that super descriptive stuff.

This book did not allow for such time savers.

Now you might be thinking this is leaning toward a negative review. But actually it was quite the opposite. Yes, I had to put in some extra time in order to finish the book, but it was worth it. That’s right, this book was worth taking my time and actually reading. Which is super rare these days with an internet spammed full of self-published novels.

The story parallels the slavery that America experienced with black people. Only in this world, the slaves have nothing to do with race. They are men and women, who were either born into this life, or opted for it over jail. And most are used as sex slaves.

America has abolished this slavery and we the reader are taken along on the ride to recovery, focusing on a male slave and male master who were in love and are now separated.

The story does not focus on the sex, although there is some. It’s focused on the emotional journey these characters take. Every character has a very distinct voice and is very believable. The amount of realism in this book is astounding to me.

The story does come full circle and has an ending with closure. I looked to see if there were more books in the series and was delighted to find there are. But the author is taking an untraditional approach to the sequels. The couple who traded off narrating the first book do not get the spotlight in the second book. Which has made me even more excited to read them, I am interested to see how the world is viewed from other characters in the novels.

I would mark this book as a must read for anyone who is willing to read a male/male romance. The messages and themes in this book are deeper than what you’ll find in your common erotica.


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