Ex Machina, movie review

The trailer doesn’t do this movie justice. Yes, you figure out that a man goes to a remote location to test whether or not a robot has achieved artificial intelligence. But what you don’t expect is the depth of the plot and the surprising twists at the end.
This is not your normal artificial intelligence movie. And it does not have a happy ending. Throughout the film there is a dark foreboding feeling. This is by all means, a horror movie.
It’s the interaction between the two main characters that make the movie as good as it is. I was chuckling often at the remarks made between them.
The plot is a little slow, but I was never bored. I’d recommend the movie to anyone who wants to see something different and is okay with a thriller kind of horror. It’s not a blood and guts horror. It’s a get in your mind and mess with you kind of horror.


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