Dragons Don’t Cry, book review

I was skeptical of the high reviews this book has received. I discovered it on a blog and I’ll admit, I started reading it because I thought it would be good for a laugh –shape shifting dragons- hilarious. But, also tons of potential for a great tale.

I am happy to report the praise for this novel is accurate and deserved. This is an original twist on the classic tale of a dragon taking a virgin sacrifice. The writing style was a bit choppy, and get’s even more so in the second book in the series, but I managed to adapt to it and didn’t find it too distracting.

A quarter of the way into the novel it did take a weird twist where these human servants were introduced from Earth. From reading about the author, I believe this was done so she could include characters from her previous series into these books. To me, it didn’t fit and was very off putting. Both traveling to Earth for human servants and the casual mention of vampires and other shape shifters. But I’m sure this was an exciting addition to fans of those previous novels.

My only complaint is that this book is very X rated and I think a huge a fanbase could be found in the younger crowd. I know when I was twelve, I would have loved reading a book about dragons. If this book was more kid friendly, I could easily see it becoming as popular as Harry Potter. Instead this book is heavy on the romance, erotica side, and I that limits your audience.

So sadly I can’t recommend the book to as many people as I’d like. But if you enjoy eroticas and dragons, you will love this book. The positive reviews are correct, it’s a great read.

Dragon’s Don’t Cry, by D’Elen McClain


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