Tomorrowland, movie review

This movie had it’s cute moments. It was a cool idea to have a ride at Disney World turn into a portal to tomorrowland. And the idea that the smart minds of the world were living in another place, making inventions, all very cool.

But this movie was all about the lead up. You keep watching because you want to find out what the deal is. What is the counting down timer? What is tomorrowland? An hour and half into the movie, I checked my watch to see how much time had passed because the movie was still in “lead up” mode and had yet to tell me what was going on. I was starting to wonder if this was a three hour movie.

It’s not. You just don’t get to understand what’s going on until the last fifteen minutes. And even then, it really doesn’t make much sense. A bunch of scientific jargon is thrown at you, which I doubt makes any sense, even to those who wrote the script, and it all comes down to one fundamental statement.

If someone tells you the exact day you are going to die. Do your actions then create that outcome? In other words, if you believe something is going to happen, do you then make it happen?

An entire movie based on that, results in tomorrowland. I think it would have been cooler if this had been more of a wizard of oz story. And less of a—there’s something weird going on but we aren’t going to explain it—story.

Should you see it? Meh, I would say no. There really wasn’t anything worthwhile in this movie. It’s kid friendly, but kids are likely to be bored. Yes, there is plot, but it is very weak.

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