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Max, movie review

I was expecting a heart wrenching dog story, like “Hachi: a Dog’s Tale” or “My Dog Skip”. Instead I got a B-movie with acting similar to “Beethoven”. Only it wasn’t a comedy. It was hard to become emotionally involved when you could tell the actors were running lines with zero feeling behind it.

The story was so exaggerated, it was silly. Any amount of thought, will poke holes in the entire idea.

The special effects were poorly done. Camera angles were shot from strange angles for no reason. For example, a scene was filmed with the camera viewing the actors through a fan. Why? Was the camera man hoping to distract us from how horrible this film is?

I was hoping for a simple plot about a broken dog, and a troubled youth who find a way to heal each other. Instead I got a strange mash up of junk. This movie was well intended and I wish it had been better.

The Villain, *book tour* & review

villian banner

Reading this book reminded me of the television shows I used to watch when I was a kid. “Little House of the prairie” and “Dr Quinn Medicine Woman”. I can confidently say if you enjoyed those shows, you will enjoy this novel.

Yes, this is the fourth novel in a series. But it is the first one I have read. And honestly, I had no problem with joining the storyline. The book is told from one point of view, and she is a new character. Unlike the first three books in the series, which are told from the time traveler’s perspective, this book is told from a local woman, she doesn’t know of time travel and even at the end of the book, she is uncertain.

I was surprised at how “clean” the book is. One would not expect a western romance to be devoid of drunkedness and foul language, but this one is. There is some brutality, and death, but it is done in an artful way.

The characters are very well developed, and although there are a lot of characters involved, I was never confused about who was who. They were all given very distinct personalities which made them memorable.

So if you are down for a good old, bad guy turned good, story with a wild west setting, this is the book for you!

The Villain by May Nicole Abbey

Inside Out, movie review

Another good Pixar-Disney movie. Yes, most of the jokes that will leave you in stitches are in the trailers you’ve likely already seen. But the plot is most certainly going to touch you in ways you won’t expect. This is a movie that is much more emotional than it’s being advertised as.

Ever wonder why we have mood swings? This movie takes an original and imaginative route toward explaining it. And makes us understand that it’s okay to not always be happy. Those other emotions are part of what make us human and help us grow up.

I’m not so sure I’d take my super young kids to see this, but anyone eight on up, should enjoy it. The younger crowd just won’t get what’s going on and there isn’t enough easy humor to keep them entertained. But I could be wrong, the kids in the theater did seem okay. Although a few were… not so happy after the movie ended. Cause the ending, ain’t that cheerful. Remember Big Hero 6? This movie is kinda like that.

Smut *book tour* & review


I’m one of those people that never reads a chapter title. I just don’t. Which proved to be a handicap while reading this book. It takes place in three, maybe four places in time. Basically, the chapter title is telling you the date. So the main character, Sam, his story is being told in three different timelines, if that makes sense.

The point of this? I think it’s to give you an idea of how confused and nonlinear the story is for the main character. Did I start reading the chapter titles after I figured out what the author was doing? Nope. The timelines are different enough I was able to keep it sorted.

This is one of those books that focuses on the mediocre. A bit too much attention was given to the tiny details, which at first I found annoying, but again, I think this was to help us see the world through the character’s eyes.

Now I did get very annoyed at the recurring self-absorbed thoughts Sam has. How does one actually get “eye-fucked”. Well, Sam gets eye fucked from pretty much every person he meets, so I hope it’s a good thing.

I kept searching for a plot and at the very end, I mean, the very last page of the book, you are given one. But it was so—not mentioned—during the rest of the book, it almost comes off as silly.

The book will take you on a wild ride, and I mean that literally. The main character is pretty much never sober and the description is so vivid you will feel as high as the character. At first I thought this was a negative, but to be honest… days after I finished the book found myself picking it up again. That rarely happens to me! I was so engulfed in this world, I want more!

I would suggest giving “Smut” a try. It’s one of those books you might end up liking, but you may not want to admit too!

Smut by Matt Micheli

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Jurassic World, movie review

The expectations were high for this movie. The crowd actually cheered when the film began. And I think it delivered in all the aspects people were hoping for.

The dinosaurs get plenty of face time. And I think most will be impressed with the direction Jurassic World has gone in. I only had a few complaints.
There’s a scene where the pterodactyls or whatever they are, are freed from their cage. Chaos then ensues as they attack people at random. My husband made a good point when he commented, “Did they really need to make a thousand of those things? What’s the gain in that? I think three would have sufficed for the park’s needs.” Very true. I’m sure the hundreds were made so we could have the epic attack scene. But if we are making these things, and not letting them breed, why would the park spend the money to make so many?

The orb ball that is a ride, is also unbelievable. Even if you throw logic aside and believe that they could create such a thing, there is no way that would be a ride at a park. The visitors are allowed to drive it at their own will. People are stupid. They would be ramming their ball into dinosaurs, we all know they would. It would have made more sense for the ride to be on a track.

Fans of the novels will be exited to know that bits were taken from the two books Michael Crichton made, that weren’t used in the first movies. For example, a color-changing dinosaur, which is from “The Lost World” book.

There are also a few nostalgic moments where memorabilia appears from the first park. Again, fans will feel a tingle of excitement at seeing those.
I can’t say much more because I don’t want to spoil the movie for folks. But def go see it, it will be worth your while.

Unholy Bargain *book tour* and review

This is a well-written novel about supernatural creatures that can possess the body of another. They aren’t demons, just wayward spirits. The story is told from both skeptics and believers, giving the reader several opportunities to find a character they can relate too.

The tale was enjoyable enough, although the overall ideas in the book were not altogether original. This story won’t have you sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation, but it does provide enough twists to keep you reading.

Unholy Bargain by Travis Holt

Dragon’s Don’t Forgive, book review

I read through this book in one day. Thankfully the writing style was back on track in this novel. Still not sure why book 2 seemed so cave-man talk-ish to me.

This book was highly different than the first two. It seemed the author’s goal was to integrate the world from her other series into this book. As I mentioned in my reviews of the other novels, I wasn’t a fan of this. The vampires, wolf and bear shifters are glossed over, most likely because it’s assumed we have all read the other series. As someone who hasn’t, I was left—mostly confused. I was still able to enjoy the book, but I def felt like I wasn’t getting all I should out of the book. There were a lot of moments where I thought, “I bet I’d be excited to be reading about these characters if I’d read the other series.”

So you’ll probably enjoy the book a lot more if you’ve read the fang series. But as other reviewers are stating, this book will leave you in tears, it’s quite depressing. But a very good read that will keep you flipping the pages and on the edge of your seat to see what happens next.

Dragon’s Don’t Forgive by D’Elen McClain

Aloha, movie review

This movie… was different. The romance plot was decent enough. But there were frequent moments in the movie where I was just plain confused. You know those awkward moments in life where something happens and it’s just surreal and weird? Lots of those in this movie. I think they were supposed to be funny, but it was more embarrassing and made you wish you weren’t there watching. In other words, none of us were laughing. In fact, I think I laughed the most out of my theater companions, and I still wouldn’t give this movie a good rating on the “comedy” aspect of this romantic comedy.

For the non-romance plot, I really have no idea what was going on. I think there was too much “weird” mixed it and it ended up just confusing me.

If you enjoy romance movies, you could see it. But really, I wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe wait until it’s out on tv.