Aloha, movie review

This movie… was different. The romance plot was decent enough. But there were frequent moments in the movie where I was just plain confused. You know those awkward moments in life where something happens and it’s just surreal and weird? Lots of those in this movie. I think they were supposed to be funny, but it was more embarrassing and made you wish you weren’t there watching. In other words, none of us were laughing. In fact, I think I laughed the most out of my theater companions, and I still wouldn’t give this movie a good rating on the “comedy” aspect of this romantic comedy.

For the non-romance plot, I really have no idea what was going on. I think there was too much “weird” mixed it and it ended up just confusing me.

If you enjoy romance movies, you could see it. But really, I wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe wait until it’s out on tv.


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