Jurassic World, movie review

The expectations were high for this movie. The crowd actually cheered when the film began. And I think it delivered in all the aspects people were hoping for.

The dinosaurs get plenty of face time. And I think most will be impressed with the direction Jurassic World has gone in. I only had a few complaints.
There’s a scene where the pterodactyls or whatever they are, are freed from their cage. Chaos then ensues as they attack people at random. My husband made a good point when he commented, “Did they really need to make a thousand of those things? What’s the gain in that? I think three would have sufficed for the park’s needs.” Very true. I’m sure the hundreds were made so we could have the epic attack scene. But if we are making these things, and not letting them breed, why would the park spend the money to make so many?

The orb ball that is a ride, is also unbelievable. Even if you throw logic aside and believe that they could create such a thing, there is no way that would be a ride at a park. The visitors are allowed to drive it at their own will. People are stupid. They would be ramming their ball into dinosaurs, we all know they would. It would have made more sense for the ride to be on a track.

Fans of the novels will be exited to know that bits were taken from the two books Michael Crichton made, that weren’t used in the first movies. For example, a color-changing dinosaur, which is from “The Lost World” book.

There are also a few nostalgic moments where memorabilia appears from the first park. Again, fans will feel a tingle of excitement at seeing those.
I can’t say much more because I don’t want to spoil the movie for folks. But def go see it, it will be worth your while.


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