The Villain, *book tour* & review

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Reading this book reminded me of the television shows I used to watch when I was a kid. “Little House of the prairie” and “Dr Quinn Medicine Woman”. I can confidently say if you enjoyed those shows, you will enjoy this novel.

Yes, this is the fourth novel in a series. But it is the first one I have read. And honestly, I had no problem with joining the storyline. The book is told from one point of view, and she is a new character. Unlike the first three books in the series, which are told from the time traveler’s perspective, this book is told from a local woman, she doesn’t know of time travel and even at the end of the book, she is uncertain.

I was surprised at how “clean” the book is. One would not expect a western romance to be devoid of drunkedness and foul language, but this one is. There is some brutality, and death, but it is done in an artful way.

The characters are very well developed, and although there are a lot of characters involved, I was never confused about who was who. They were all given very distinct personalities which made them memorable.

So if you are down for a good old, bad guy turned good, story with a wild west setting, this is the book for you!

The Villain by May Nicole Abbey


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