Max, movie review

I was expecting a heart wrenching dog story, like “Hachi: a Dog’s Tale” or “My Dog Skip”. Instead I got a B-movie with acting similar to “Beethoven”. Only it wasn’t a comedy. It was hard to become emotionally involved when you could tell the actors were running lines with zero feeling behind it.

The story was so exaggerated, it was silly. Any amount of thought, will poke holes in the entire idea.

The special effects were poorly done. Camera angles were shot from strange angles for no reason. For example, a scene was filmed with the camera viewing the actors through a fan. Why? Was the camera man hoping to distract us from how horrible this film is?

I was hoping for a simple plot about a broken dog, and a troubled youth who find a way to heal each other. Instead I got a strange mash up of junk. This movie was well intended and I wish it had been better.


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Welcome to my blog! I live in Florida with my husband and our Kitty, a rescued Abyssinian. I have several novels published under the name "Nina Schluntz". I’m an avid movie goer, so most of my blog posts will be a review of the most recent movie I happened to see. Sometimes I’ll mix it up and read a book too. Or… my favorite, I’ll see the movie then read the book it was based on! View all posts by mizner13

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