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Pixals, movie review

Adam Sandler movies have steadily been getting worse over the years. The premise of this movie was good, but the focus was on the wrong thing.

I loved the parts of the movie were the aliens were being fought. Once we figured out what was going on and played the games with the aliens it was great. The pixals that make up the aliens is artfully done. I would have gladly spent the entire movie watching the games.

However that is not what this movie did. I’d say the game scenes are about ten minutes of the movie. The other hour and half, is a regular Adam Sandler movie. At first, I was impressed that they were bothering to give me back story and try to get me to connect with the characters. But that soon faded into annoyance. The characters were shallow, and the film seemed to be making fun of itself as well as anyone who might be interested in watching the film. This is the kind of comedy that focuses on putting people down and amplifying faults.

I did not enjoy the comedy or storyline.

The first thirty minutes of the movie is boring and unfunny. The first two “games” with the aliens is really them just attacking an area. There is no explanation and I’m not even sure what games are being represented.

I really wish the movie would have focused less on the comedy and characters and more on playing the games with aliens.

If you like other Adam Sandler movies, than you’ll probably like this one too. But for me, it was just weird and confusing, with a few good parts of animation.

Southpaw, movie review

This movie was more graphic than I was expecting. The story and acting were spot on, meeting and exceeding my expectations. But this is not a Rocky boxing movie. This film shows you the dirty side of boxing that will make you squirm in your seat.

First the main actor mainly does his defense, by blocking his opponents blows with his face. The opening scene is a bloodbath. I was stunned and more than a little nauseous. This is vital to the plot though, and the characters fighting skills evolve, as does his character by the end of the movie.

We are also shown how people will flock to you when you are rich and quickly desert you once things get rough. I was amazed at how nearly every dark side of boxing was exposed in this firm. From set-up matches where an opponent is paid to lose the game is touched on to boxers losing their eyesight from being punched.

If you can handle the very real fight scenes and the blood, I have no doubt you will enjoy this movie.

On a side note, the child actor in the movie is amazing and I look forward to seeing her in future films.

Terminator Genisys, movie review

I hadn’t heard much about this movie, and what little I did hear wasn’t good. After two weeks of stalling, I finally decided to give the film a try. I was pleasantly surprised.

The movie did a nice combination of the original movies and the new. It almost took heed from the recent Star Trek movies by creating an alternate timeline where they can now have anything occur.

The action is nearly non-stop, there are very few moments in the movie where the story slows. The twists in the plot keep coming and if you have to step away from the movie for any reason, you can expect to be a bit lost when you return. Trust me, I know from experience.

Although there is some violence, okay a lot, otherwise this movie is kid friendly. The plot may be a little too complicated for some to fully understand, but I expect they will still be highly entertained.

I would recommend the movie for anyone who enjoys a good action movie or liked the other terminator movies. The plot, acting and effects are all spectacular.

Ant-man, movie review

The reviews and common feedback I’ve heard for this movie is all positive. However, when I viewed it, I would rate the movie as “okay” and nothing more.

To me, the movie writers came up with a bunch of cool ideas that would involve bugs and a tiny person. Then they built a story around that. So, the effects and action are very good, but the story is lacking. For majority of the movie, I was bored. Two hours was way too long, and I was antsy to get out of there, pun intended.

I’ll admit, I am getting tired of the Marvel movies. They all have a similar formula, are all intertwined and the more of them they make, the harder is it to keep up. The Marvel movies were great at the start. I loved the first five. However, Ant-man will be the last one I see.

Minions, movie review

This is a very kid centric movie. As an adult, you should not go expecting there to be some deeper storyline for the adults. Unlike a lot of kid’s movies that have come out lately, this one does maintain a happy feel for nearly all of it. There’re a few touching moments, but none of them are really sad.

I’d say this movie is appropriate for all ages, if your kid can sit through a movie that is an hour and half long and not jam packed with action. Be forewarned, the first twenty minutes are very boring. And if you’re lucky like me, you’ll be next to someone who thinks every little joke is hilarious and they will irritate you with their laughter.

Once the movie gets going, there are some good jokes. Lots of stereotypes are mocked and there are some great one-liners.

Would I recommend it? Well, if you have kids and want a few laughs, sure go see it. I saw it in 3D and the effects were pretty good. But really, you could wait until this one comes out on TV. Your kids are more likely to watch this movie in bits and pieces than all at once.

Self/Less movie review


This movie was better than I was expecting. The first twenty minutes or so, seem very rushed. There are a few montages and you start wondering what they are trying to hurry up and get too. Because there is a lot going on and any of the subplots would have worked great as the main plot.

Surprisingly, this movie is appropriate for most ages, granted they may be bored or have a hard time following the plot, but otherwise it is fine. Violence and some cussing, are kept to a minimum, in my opinion.

The movie does wind down enough that you are able to bond with the characters. And the twists in the movie keep coming, I was never bored or able to predict the next outcome. I would recommend the movie for anyone who enjoys a movie that requires a bit of thinking, has some twists, and a good amount of action.

The Fire Inside *book tour* and review

fire inside banner

This is one of those stories I would call a predictable read. You follow three main characters, whose lives are not connected. It’s fairly obvious from the start that the plot is focused on the lives of these three strangers becoming connected and most likely saving each other. All three are damaged in their own ways and it’s easy to see how the pieces will interlock to give everyone a happily ever after.

The story does reach some fairly dark points, the characters each reach lows in their lives, which must be touched on to come full circle and bring them back to a balanced—and hopefully happy—life.

If you enjoy dramas, the prime time television kind, then this would be a good book for you. It goes dark, but not so dark that teenagers couldn’t read it. There’s no cussing, sex, or anything inappropriate or graphic. I’d say there are some good life lessons and morals being taught in the storyline as well. Almost to a—force it down your throat—degree, but not quite. I lost the believability of the characters and atmosphere a few times cause things are pretty exaggerated. For example; a 17 year old boy who turns down sex? *blink blink* where do these exist? A husband who leaves his depressed wife, never cheats on her, and comes back to reconcile with her? I guess those things can happen… But man, the men in this book are like the nicest people ever.

Anyway, it is a nice read. So if you enjoy a drama where you know it’ll end happy, you’ll meet some nice people, then pick up “the fire inside”.

The Fire Inside, by Michelle Bellon

A.M. Arthur books and reviews

Getting it right

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a book with this kind of premise: falling in love with your best friend. Now whether that’s a girl and guy, or two guys, it doesn’t matter. Having two people fall in low who have known each other for years is just more believable than the standard two strangers meeting and falling in love.

What I enjoyed the most with this story was the flaws the characters had. Not only are they well developed with amazingly well written pasts, but they have real flaws that make their actions all the more believable. And not only that, some of the secondary characters, okay, almost all, are just as developed with back stories.

I connected so deeply with the characters that more than once this book had me in tears. No easy feat. If you are looking for a good romance that delves into the erotica arena, then this book is a must for you.

No Such Thing

This is a nice tale about young love. I enjoyed how flushed out the characters were, even the most minor character had a highly original back story. The plot held a few surprises too. I totally didn’t see a few of the twists coming and I think more than one good moral can be found hidden in the pages of this book.