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A.M. Arthur books and reviews

Getting it right

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for a book with this kind of premise: falling in love with your best friend. Now whether that’s a girl and guy, or two guys, it doesn’t matter. Having two people fall in low who have known each other for years is just more believable than the standard two strangers meeting and falling in love.

What I enjoyed the most with this story was the flaws the characters had. Not only are they well developed with amazingly well written pasts, but they have real flaws that make their actions all the more believable. And not only that, some of the secondary characters, okay, almost all, are just as developed with back stories.

I connected so deeply with the characters that more than once this book had me in tears. No easy feat. If you are looking for a good romance that delves into the erotica arena, then this book is a must for you.

No Such Thing

This is a nice tale about young love. I enjoyed how flushed out the characters were, even the most minor character had a highly original back story. The plot held a few surprises too. I totally didn’t see a few of the twists coming and I think more than one good moral can be found hidden in the pages of this book.