Bessie, movie review

I wasn’t certain what to expect when I watched this movie. I’m a fan of Queen Latifah and I figured I’d learn a little history, most movies made about famous people have proven to be good. I guess I didn’t know who Bessie was. I didn’t recognize any of her songs during the movie. My guess would be her music was at its peak a few decades before I was born.

Right from the start the mood was set by defining Bessie as bisexual and aggressive, in pretty much every aspect of her life. I wasn’t quite sure the point of the movie. It didn’t focus on any one thing in her life. Yeah, it showed her multiple relationships, most of which failed. And yeah, it showed her ups and downs in the music industry. There was some character development too. But by the end of the movie, I still wasn’t sure why Bessie was so important that she’d needed a movie made about her. So in that aspect I think the makers of the movie have failed.

If you’ve heard of Bessie, then sure, I would suggest seeing the movie. I still don’t know if you’ll like it, because she sure wasn’t shown in a positive light. The acting, music and overall efforts of everyone involved in the movie was good. The movie was well written and performed. It just wasn’t for me and I didn’t know why the movie was brought into existence.


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