Always Been You, book review

I’ll start off by admitting I wasn’t able to finish this book. It started off with a good premise. Two teenage boys who are best friends, one is openly gay, the other undecided. But then a misunderstanding makes the two of them not speak to each other for a decade. Majority of the book is about them getting back together ten years later.

I found it really hard to believe that these two boys who were so close stayed apart for ten years. I could buy a year, at most. But ten just make it unbelievable to me. If they really went ten years without seeing each other, I’m sorry, but they would have moved on and got over it. In other words, they would have forgotten about each other. Or, they would have tracked the other person down sooner and cleared up the confusion.

Trying to overlook that flaw in the storyline, I tried to enjoy the story at face value. The whole, just believe it and move on theory, which is hard because it was the foundation for the book.

What sealed the deal for me was when the romance scenes started. The rest of the book’s writing was okay. But the sex scenes were an odd choreographed mess. The author really should have done themselves and the reader a favor and glossed over them, and kept this book in the romance department.

Always Been You by Jess Buffett


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