The Gift, movie review

The amazing acting is what sold this movie. There isn’t much plot, yes, there is a storyline that keeps your attention but 90% of the movie is filmed in the couple’s house. There’s a lot of empty scenes were you are wondering if something is going to jump out and scare you, but aside from those cheap tricks, the movie is very well done.

This is a story about the bully in school finally getting what’s due to him. He ruined the life of another student and now as a successful adult, one more mistreatment of the people around him sends his world spiraling out of control.

I will suggest seeing the movie in the theaters with a full audience. The crowds reaction to a few scenes make the experience even more worth it. There is one scene that made everyone jump. It was so silly, most of us were chuckling at ourselves for quite a few minutes afterwards.

If you enjoy a good revenge story, then this is a must see.


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