Trainwreck, movie review

The title of this movie really says it all. I wasn’t impressed by the trailers, but every time I went to the theater this movie was sold out. So eventually, I had to see what the buzz was about.

I’m still not sure. Maybe men thought their wives would enjoy it so they took them?

The jokes and humor were too “dirty” for my liking. I did not need a five minute sketch detailing the removal of a used condom from the main character’s privates. Or the visual of a used tampon in a toilet. I mean, since when did gross things become funny? I’ve never watched Amy Schumer’s comedy act, maybe if I had, I would have been better prepared or steered clear of the movie altogether.

Most of the humor is focused on “awkward” humor and saying things at inappropriate times. The main character, Amy, is put in such a negative light, I found myself disliking her. They went a bit too far in having her reach her low point.

I also wasn’t a fan of how she dressed for most of the movie. I’m not saying she’s overweight, but I felt like the entire movie was spent flaunting her size. She would dress in skirts that barely covered her bottom, and then be next to people who were sticks. I’m sure some kind of point was trying to be made. But really it just made me glad I hadn’t purchased a popcorn.

Bottom line, the movie is disgusting on more than one level and I would recommend not seeing it. Ever.


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